5 Marketing Activities To Outsource Now

5 Marketing Activities To Outsource Now

As a busy e-commerce team time is your most valuable asset, but piling on the hours and working harder is not really working smarter. Here are 5 activities you might find more effective to outsource.

1. Curating Content

Keeping the top of your sales funnel filled with potential leads means engaging in content marketing around the clock. To keep your social media platforms and website content growing and useful to your customers and potential customers, you have to keep it fed with meaningful, rich content.

The careful selection of which content to use, organizing it and presenting it strategically takes time. By outsourcing your content curation, with a carefully mapped plan and strategy, you can ensure this important activity gets done without impacting BAU & current clients.

2. PPC

Running PPC campaigns takes a data driven, analytical skill set, you will find your ROI is much higher if you outsource your campaigns. Not only will a management team find the relevant keywords customers use to find your business, the team will write persuasive ad copy to get their attention.

A good PPC team should also create a high converting landing page for the visitors to flow through to. As an added bonus, they will keep your budget in line by managing the price you pay for clicks, maximizing the effectiveness of your expense. Best of all, PPC management teams achieve recognizable sales, so the ROI will be clear.

Not sure who to hire? I recommend Pushgroup who are a London based PPC Agency , a Google partner and recently won an award for the Highest Customer Satisfaction in EMEA (Europe, The Middle East & Africa).

3. Marketing Reports

Good reports take time, that, as a small or medium marketing team, you may not have an abundance of these days. However, it is vitally important to successfully digest and interpret data in order to justify your budget, come up with fresh, new ideas or to prove what your team is doing has been effective in driving sales. Outsourcing a list of reports and the exact data points you want to see is a good task for someone else to complete while you concentrate on the business at hand.

4. Guest Blogging

One of the best ways to grow your inbound marketing, your website’s authority and, consequently, your brand advantage, is guest blogging. Outsourcing the process of finding sites to post guest blogs on and submitting content to them is a smart way to be able to have more time to write, you guessed it, more engaging blogs.

Also known as off-site thought leadership, guest blogging builds brand awareness because you will be reaching a brand new audience that may not have heard of you or your brand before. Finding quality, trusted sites is the key, as authoritative sites who publish your blog give you credibility as an expert.

5. Creating Infographics

Even the most skilled Photoshop experts need quite a few hours to create and perfect an impactful infographic. Professional designers can be outsourced who specialise in infographics; all you have to provide is the idea and the research.

Brands that offer infographics as part of their marketing strategy have more traffic and engagement than those that just rely on plain text. If you are not using infographics as part of your marketing because of the time they take to create, that is a big clue that you need to outsource this activity pronto.