5 Reasons Twitter Should be in Your Marketing Strategy

5 Reasons Twitter Should be in Your Marketing Strategy

Twitter is home to over 100 million daily active users around the world, with everyone from artists and actors to influencers and the average person using it as a platform to voice their thoughts, sharing content and keep up to date on what’s happening.

If you’ve ever used Twitter before, you’ll know that almost every major company also has an account on the platform. There’s a good reason for this. The social media giant happens to be an essential component of any successful digital marketing strategy. Using Twitter to its full potential can do wonders for your business – you just have to know how.

If you’re still skeptical about putting your brand on Twitter, here are five reasons why you should.

Knowing Your Competition

Twitter is often one of the first places people go to voice their complaints about businesses they’ve had a bad experience with. Use this to your advantage by finding out where your competitors are going wrong – and where they have the upper hand. This will help you determine exactly where you need to improve your products and services to stay on top.

The Statistics are in Your Favor

According to research by GlobalWebIndex, only 69% of Facebook users participate in online shopping, whereas 73% of Twitter users shop online monthly. Statistics released by Twitter show that 74% of users follow a brand’s profile in order to receive product updates.

It’s evident in these statistics that Twitter is an ideal place for you to keep your target audience informed about new product releases, incentives, discounts and coupons. That said, it’s important to balance your marketing efforts with high-quality, informational content in order to keep your audience engaged.

Twitter is Good for SEO

Not too long ago, Twitter decided to revert back to showing tweets in relevant Google search results pages. This means that your tweets could appear high up in search results, thus increasing your exposure and bringing more people to your website. That aside, Twitter has countless benefits for your SEO.

You Don’t Have to do it Yourself

While the benefits of using Twitter are clear, using it effectively in your marketing strategy is something that takes time and experience. Fortunately, seeing results within a matter of days or weeks after getting your account established is easy with the help of a reliable digital marketing agency. Then, all you have to do is watch the numbers roll in.

It’s important to establish a following on the platform in order for marketing to work effectively. Many people buy Twitter followers.

You can Connect to Your Customers

Customer feedback is extremely important. Publicly handling any complaints or grievances in a fair and respectful manner is also key to ensuring your brand maintains a good public image.

Twitter is great for this, as you can make direct public replies to anyone in your audience who wishes to interact with you. The feedback you receive can help you make better decisions moving forward.


Within one lunch break, you can get your brand on Twitter and start setting up your account for success. With the immense potential it has for benefiting your marketing efforts, there’s really no excuse for a business not to be on Twitter in 2019.