5 Secrets Of Professional SEO Article Writers

5 Secrets Of Professional SEO Article Writers

Every business needs a comprehensive SEO plan. Google algorithms go through your articles to determine where to rank them on SERPs. Implementing SEO best practices ensures that you rank on the first page of search engine result pages.

Blogs and articles play an important role in your content marketing strategy. You should ensure each article you publish has the potential to drive traffic to your website.

Make sure you regularly post fresh content on your website to keep it updated. You need to maintain a solid online presence if your business is to be more accessible to your customers.

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Target Both Your Audience And Search Engines

When you’re working on SEO articles, you need to write for your audience and optimize the articles for search engines. After all, your audience has to go through search engines to find your articles.

Optimizing your articles for search engines ensures that you rank high. This way, prospects have an easy time accessing your content. Google’s main aim is to deliver high-quality articles to whoever uses the search engine. If your content is not relevant and useful, Google will not rank it.

Optimize Your Articles with Keywords

You need to optimize your articles with competitive keywords cleverly. Including common search phrases people use ensures that your articles show up on search engines.

Remember to use the keywords naturally throughout the articles, so your articles don’t appear promotional. Your article can actually rank on more than one keyword. But this does not mean you should overuse keywords.

Address Topics People Care About

Writing articles, your audience has no interest in reading is a waste of time and effort. Find out what your audience would like to read and focus on that. Writing articles without a strategy does not help your content marketing campaign.

Make Your Articles Long Enough To Count

There is no doubt that penning down and publishing a 100-word article is better than not publishing anything. However, it’s highly unlikely that you can successfully make your point with just 100 words.

Make your articles long enough to count. You need to get published on blogs that are reliable sources of information.

Always Proofread Your Articles

Your articles lose credibility when you post them with glaring grammatical and spelling errors. Your readers cannot take you seriously if you don’t proofread your articles. When a reader keeps correcting your grammar in their head, they’re unlikely to revisit your blog.

Thoroughly go through your articles before publishing them to ensure they’re void of any common grammar mistakes. Consider having a third party to go through the articles as well to be sure.


Professional SEO writing is what sets your blog apart from the rest. Posting high-quality articles ensure that Google ranks you high on SERPs. Always go through your articles before publishing them to ensure they’re void of grammatical errors.