5 Technologies Every Airport Needs

5 Technologies Every Airport Needs

Airports may have seen a massive drop in traffic over 2020, but it is likely that once the coronavirus pandemic ends, they will come roaring back to pre-COVID levels. During this downtime, it makes sense for airport managers to think about the ways that they can improve the customer experience when it comes to travelling via air. Read on for five technologies that every airport should now have in order to be a success.

1. Conveyor Belts

To facilitate the smooth transfer throughout an airport, especially if it is a very big one, then installing conveyor belts is an absolute must. Not only does it allow for a faster speed up of passengers — as they travel much faster than one could walk — it allows passengers to rest, especially if they are carrying heavy bags. Check out a great selection of reasonably priced industrial conveyor belts via the link.

2. Electronic Boarding and Passport Gates

A lot of time can be wasted when passengers are first coming into an airport as they have both their boarding passes and passports checked, especially when an airport is being short-staffed. One way to make this a lot faster is to allow electronic boarding for all passengers and electronic passport gates for all passengers who do not need a visa to travel. By doing this, you will be able to maximise the number of passengers coming in and out of an airport each day, thus increasing your bottom line.

3. Full-Body Scanners

In a post-9/11 world, security remains at the top of the priority list for any airport. One way to make sure that people aren’t taking anything into an airport that they are not supposed to is by installing full-body scanners. These are much more accurate than conventional scanners meaning that whether someone is carrying drugs or a weapon, you are much more likely to pick it up on your security system. This will allow you to relax and then be able to focus more time on the parts of the airport that really matter.

4. An Active Online Help Desk

When managing passengers, aircraft carriers, and more, there are always going to be moments of friction. Instead of having everyone queue up and be stressed by a help desk, however, it makes a lot of sense to make sure that you offer a really good online service, whether it’s chatbots, a simple phone call, or a well-detailed FAQ page. By doing so, you will be giving passengers a suite of digital options to meet their every need.

5. 5G Access

When it comes to offering good Wi-Fi services, most airports are famously touted for being rather shoddy in this aspect. One way that airports can embrace the future is by making sure that no matter where in the airport a passenger is, they can be connected to a 5G network. Much faster than its 4G predecessor, it will allow passengers to remain connected to the internet, allowing them to be occupied and enjoy their time while waiting to board their flight.