What To Look For in Sales Training Software

What To Look For in Sales Training Software

Sales training has a direct impact on your bottom line. Even then, some sales managers are still hesitant about investing in proper sales training software. The success of any sales team is pegged on how well you nurture specific qualities and skills among your sales reps. Training your sales team will not only ensure consistency in messaging but also performance. You will be surprised that even the least performing reps will attain their sales quota fast, boosting your revenue significantly. 

It is important to choose your sales training software while keeping in mind that not all sales training software offer the same features. Your choice of training software will certainly shape the future of your sales department and the results you wish to get from it. 

Here are some of the important components you need to look out for when shopping for your next sales training software:

The sales process

Having a good understanding of the sales process is critical for both new hires and existing sales reps. While your new hires may come on board with a sales process from previous employers, this is most likely to be different from your own. On the other hand, you may have existing sales reps who are unable to close deals and meet their quota because of failing to adhere to the sales process. The inclusion of a sales process component in the training software ensures that all your sales team members have a comprehensive understanding of the unique processes relating to your business from lead generation, to the qualification of prospects, the definition of different stages of the sales funnel, how you guide prospects through the sales process, generating proposals, closing a deal, cross-selling and up-selling and delivering excellent customer experience upon signing of the deal. A good sales training platform will have a provision for reviewing actual case studies and role-playing so that your team members put things in perspective.

The market and your products

A good sales training software should include information about your market and the products you’re offering. You can use this to emphasize your unique selling proposition (USP) across the entire training platform making it possible for your sales reps to provide an intelligent response to the question ‘what sets you apart?’. Enhancing your reps’ understanding of buyer personas and the product is critical hence this material should be easily accessible at the click of a button wherever they are. This will help them to have a better connection with prospects and customers especially having gone through a product demo and a mock sales pitch.

Customer experience

Your sales training software should include a model that helps your reps to understand the customers’ experience. This way they will be able to empathize with customers and genuinely connect with them at all the stages of the sales process. You can devise an exercise that lets your reps experience pain points the client may have that are connected to your business unique selling proposition. Being able to empathize with customers helps to close deals faster than those who are not. 

Essential sales skills

You can’t talk about sales reps selling better without enhancing their sales skills. Sales training software opens the door for all your sales reps to refresh their skills in different areas that include finding prospects, making cold calls, writing cold emails, offering sales demos, drawing a proposal,  closing deals and onboarding clients after a deal. These skills are best taught by role-playing and demonstration so that reps can internalize what they have learned. 

CRM training

No matter how experienced your sales reps are, they can always learn a thing or two about the effective use of the CRM system. Having proper knowledge of CRM use is critical for all sales reps. Therefore, sales managers must provide CRM training that is tailored to complement the company’s processes. The best way to learn is by providing your reps with practical opportunities to engage with the software firsthand. They need to learn how to use the search function and update information on existing accounts among other things.

You must consider investing in comprehensive sales training software regardless of the service or product you’re selling to speed up the success rate of your sales team. Recent research shows that sales training contributes to your sales reps’ ability to achieve their quota and score high win rates. Ultimately, the benefits of investing in a great sales training platform are indispensable for your business’s bottom line.