5 Tips for Designing Product Pages That Sell

If you run an e-commerce business, you know how important product pages are to your business; they either convert visitors or turn them away. Knowing this, it is important to make sure all the hard work done to get visitors to that page is not wasted. A product page that sells should provide information about the product and encourage the visitor to become a customer. Below, we will look at how to design product pages that help you achieve both of these things.

Keep it Simple and Clear

One major mistake that e-commerce business owners make is adding too much information on their product pages. This makes them cluttered, which either confuses visitors or turns them away. The best converting product pages keep things simple and clear. A good way to do this is to have only the essential information on there and a clear call to action. Any additional information about products should be added to the single product pages and not on your main products page.

Clear Action Buttons

Every action button, including the “add to cart” and “checkout” buttons should be clear, large enough and stand out from the rest of the pages. This way, visitors can not only find them easily, but also know what they are supposed to do when they get to those pages.

Good design principles also call for the separation of action buttons. Some websites have a button that lets visitors get in touch or ask for more information about a product. That is good functionality to have, but since this is not the main action you want visitors to take, it should be a lot less conspicuous than the button for the main action you do want them to take.

High-Quality, Real Product Photos

Product photos are critical if you want to build product pages that sell. High-quality photos of the actual products you are selling give users a better idea of what they are buying and what it will look like. For better results, visitors should be able to zoom into the images to see the products better. Businesses like Nin-Nin-Game also use multiple images and different angles in different images so visitors can see the products better.

Another good example of a business that makes use of high-resolution photos is CheapesTees. This brand’s entry for its ultra cotton and heavyweight men’s shirt leaves a lasting and positive impression on visitors. Through the use of high-quality pictures, CheapesTees was able to properly highlight this particular product’s best features. To note, the nice use of colors on these shirts help potential customers know exactly what they’re getting – that’s one powerful step to transform visitors into actual buyers!

Make Information Easy to Digest

This tip is for websites that have products with a lot of details. People want to get the information they came for as easily as possible. If you have a lot of product details to add, it would be best to use bullets to highlight the main points. That way, people will not be turned away by a huge block of text.

Also, the copy you add to your product pages should be geared towards convincing visitors to buy. All the copy you add should be succinct and to the point. If you can, have an introduction section with a few sentences of what your product is and add more details after the call to action button. That way, people know what your product is and why they should buy it as soon as they land on that page, and if they need more information, they can still find it if they scroll further.

Instill Confidence

Adding sizing, return policies, and how you handle customer service are all good ways to build confidence and reduce anxiety. Product reviews and testimonials are another great way to build confidence among your customers. Just ensure these testimonials and reviews are real because people are getting much better at detecting paid endorsements.

If you want to increase sales, you have to design product pages that sell. When doing this, you might have to take a long hard look at your product pages to find what you can change or tweak to improve your conversion numbers. If you can, also have a look at websites that have high conversion rates and try to emulate what they are doing right.