5 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Mobile App Design

5 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Mobile App Design

Does your company or business currently have a mobile app that’s available to customers?

If so, that’s a great thing. Not every company or business has an app to help their customers, so you’re already ahead of the game. You can use your app to reach out to customers, keep them engaged, set up a tech-based rewards or referral program, and send special deals and coupons exclusively to your app readers.

But if you aren’t seeing as strong conversion rates with your mobile app as you were hoping or projecting, it could be due to your app’s design. In other words, even if your app provides a lot of value to customers, if it’s design is not very appealing it’s not going to be for the better.

Here are the top five ways you can improve your company’s mobile app design:

Minimalism is Essential

They key to the success of any app, for lack of a better term, is minimalism.

The more minimalist your app is, the more user intuitive and easier to navigate it will be, and that’s a good thing.

Something that’s absolutely essential in particular is navigation. If you don’t have a drop down navigation menu of some kind, that’s something you need to include right now. Just make sure that the menu doesn’t take up the whole screen.

Everything else in your app should be very easy to recognize and find. Remove any irrelevant information, and prioritize content that provides value to the user or customer with literally every word.

Don’t Forget About Color

Believe it or not, but the color scheme of your app will actually have a massive effect on your users. In fact, the color scheme might be one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to mobile app design.

Why is this so? Simple: your color scheme can either be welcoming, or it can be gloomy and disinviting. It can either be exciting, or it can be boring. It can either call things to attention and bring out emotion in your users, or it can have just the opposite effect.

Here’s a golden rule to follow: use a two tone color theme. This doesn’t mean that you can only be restricted to those two colors in your entire app, but it does mean that those two colors need to be the dominant colors in your app.

Furthermore, choose two colors that fulfill two primary rules:

  1. Are already colors that your company or business uses, and
  2. Are louder and more attention grabbing

The idea is that your app should be able to create pulsating energy with colors and grab the attention of your viewer.

Consider Including Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is when digital images are overload over the physical world as seen through your device.

Since augmented reality is relatively new, it’s definitely understandable if your app doesn’t use it in some way, in at least some way. In fact, you shouldn’t even feel pressured in any way to add it into your app anytime soon, But at the very least, it’s something that you’ll want to take into account for the future.

Focus On The Experience

Above all else, the one factor that matters the most with a mobile app’s design is its user experience.

Go use some of your favorite apps right now and make a brief list of around five or ten things that you like about that app and that stand out to you.

Then go use your company’s mobile app and contrast it. Is there anything that you liked about the experience of the apps that is not in your company’s app, add it in.

Ultimately, if you don’t care for the experience of using your own app very much, there’s no reason to think that anyone else will either.

Improving Your Company’s Mobile App Design

In summary, your company would be wise to put a dramatically increased focus on your overall app design in order to improve user retention.

So long as your app can truly provide value to your customers, your customers will use it. But they’re not going to use it if your app is not visually appealing, difficult to use, or simply not user intuitive.

If you think your app could be in need of some improvement, the above areas will be among the primary factors for you to take into account.