App Ideas: Showcasing them via Apple Watch Mockup

App Ideas: Showcasing them via Apple Watch Mockup

The Apple Watch has truly revolutionized how we use watches. A decade ago, the watch only tells time. Now, though, it seems like time is the least important thing you need from a smartwatch. After all, your phone can also tell you the time.

There are thousands of Apple Watch applications out there and for good reason. The statistics involving Apple Watch in the market is just staggering. In 2018, 45 million smartwatches were shipped. Apple shipped 4.7 million watches during the second quarter of the year while 9.2 million were shipped in the fourth quarter. While data for the first and third quarters were not available, it is pretty clear—there are a lot of Apple Watch users out there. According to statistics, Apple holds over 50% of the smartwatch market.

This is why it would help if you use Apple Watch mockup when you try to showcase your application creation or design to an audience—whether they are clients or potential customers. Using this type of mockup will be advantageous to you, as the designer, because you are in touch with reality—that majority of smartwatch users are Apple enthusiasts.

The purpose of the mockup is to show to the audience how your application design will look like when it is actually being used. PSD mockups will help demonstrate how your digital product will look like in the real world.

Apple Watch mockup as canvas

When you pitch your product, it helps when the audience can visualize your proposed iOS apps being used in the actual setting. This is why the Apple Watch mockup works. You can use it as a canvas to put your design or creation in an actual setting. Ramotion store provides Apple Watch mockups in PSD file and Sketch formats.

There are so many different ways to showcase your digital design. Let’s check out the templates from Ramotion. There is the Apple Watch Mockup Clay, six are available in PSD files and two in Sketch files. This particular mockup features three Apple Watches in different colors, set side by side. What this does is demonstrate how your application will look like on an actual Apple Watch. It also reflects how it looks like in different colors. This is actually important because some designs might wash out in particular colors. What you want to tell your audience is that your design will look good on any color of Apple Watch. The fact that it is in clay also means that it is minimalist—no extraneous stuff that would take away from the design.

There is also the Apple Watch Mockup which features a large Apple Watch in the template. This puts your design as the main focus of the template. People are really getting behind the Ramotion lineup with some saying they are realistic while others love the clean design. They could really help improve presentations and pitches.

Mockups are also easy to use. You just download it from the source and then place your design on the screen of the Apple Watch. You can also link Smart Object to your mockup, which will reference contents from external image files.

Here are mobile app ideas that you can showcase through the Apple Watch mockup:

Fitness app via Apple Watch on Person’s Arm Mockup

There are so many fitness apps for the Apple Watch. More often, the use of the Apple Watch is really for the fitness apps because the smartwatch can count the number of steps you make in a day, the number of miles you walked in a day and even your heartbeat or pulse. The time is just really a secondary benefit. There are also so many free mockups available for this type of app.

The Apple Watch on Person’s Arm Mockup is among the most popular when it comes to iOS mockups for smartwatches. If you want to sell your digital product, you have to tell the right story. If you are selling a fitness app like one that will track your workout, then you also have to make sure that it is reflected in the mockup. Find a mockup that has a person’s arm with a little bit of sheen in it because of the sweat from the workout. Make sure that the arm is not dressed in a suit because nobody works out in a suit. Getting the mockup right also means that you have been properly thinking about the presentation and not just doing it haphazardly just because there are so many Apple mockups available online.

Here are some of the things people really want to see in the next Apple Watch, according to TechRadar.

Travel app via Apple Watch on Arm Holding Traveling Bag Mockup

It is really quite refreshing when app developers think outside the box and create an Apple Watch-specific app that doesn’t have anything to do with fitness. There are a few traveling apps that would tell the user the nearest hotel they could check in to in the city they are traveling to. Whatever traveling app you have in mind, make sure to enrich your story by showcasing a traveling person.

Or you could enhance the story by using mobile devices in the mockup. You could put the smartwatch side by side with the iPhone and both screens show closely related pages from your traveling app.