What All Great Website Designs Have In Common

What All Great Website Designs Have In Common

In this digital world, having a website is crucial for your company’s success. With the Internet, your site can be a great way to inform users about your brand and how it can help them. Whether you want to achieve high rankings or increase online visibility, practical and great website design is what you need to accomplish all your goals.

To make sure you’re using the best one for your site, here’s what all great website designs have in common:


Just like other aspects of a successful website, usability has always been an essential element. Typically, user-friendly sites are more attractive and appealing to the eyes of your prospects and existing customers. In short, a great website design comes with high-quality images, an intuitive style, functional navigation, fast page speed, and many more.

Remember, your visitors are more likely to stay longer if they can easily navigate your site, and the web pages don’t take much longer to load. Because of this, make sure your own website has an excellent level of usability to obtain positive results. To do this, start by creating a design brief that outlines the scope of your web design process and helps you stay on track of your project.


If you’re searching for the easiest way to establish trust with your visitors, then the right thing to do is to be consistent in all the design elements of your website. Although you can use a bit of a different layout for some of your web pages to keep them more appealing, it’s still crucial to have one consistent theme across the whole site. This is one of the common elements among all great web designs.

To apply consistency in your designs, you should keep a consistent style of images, use the same fonts and color scheme on each page, keep the same navigation bar throughout the top of each web page, and many more. All in all, great website designs come with consistency to ensure that users will click on your website and don’t visit another page entirely.

Engaging And Useful Content

Also, all great website designs have extraordinary content to entice more users to visit their web pages and take action. This is the reason why most website owners provide useful and engaging information to capture prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

So, if you want your website to experience greater success, equip it with the right form of content such as images, texts, and videos. Moreover, having a blog section can also be an excellent way of creating amazing content and drawing more users to your site.

SEO Elements

Ideally, using search engine optimization (SEO) can help your site rank highly on the first page of the search slides and, therefore, gain more web traffic. For that reason, there’s always a good reason why SEO matters to all great website designs.

For instance, most effective sites utilize design tricks such as title tags, meta tags, heading tags, and other SEO-boosting elements and tricks that can help your web pages climb to the top rank of the search engines.

Thus, don’t forget to get the most out of these tricks so you can keep them relevant to your site’s overall performance.

Calls-To-Action (CTAs)

Excellent website designs play an integral role in turning visitors into customers. That’s because your website serves as a channel for anyone who wants to buy your products or are interested in your content. As a result, you’re able to connect with other people and eventually build a good relationship with them.

Just like other companies with excellent websites, you can have this kind of connection with your visitors through the use of great calls-to-action (CTAs) such as free consultations, subscription forms, free product forms, and other forms of invites. These design elements should be strategically added to your web design so you can collect valuable contact information about your prospects. Also, place your CTAs in optimal places such as on the homepage, sidebars, end of blog posts, and many more.


In today’s modern age, all great website designs include mobile-friendliness as one of their essential elements. In other words, it should be easily and quickly visible to all types of operating systems, devices, and browsers so you can maximize all potential lead conversions.

For example, you can make your own website mobile-friendly by coming up with the mobile version of it or creating a mobile-responsive layout that is capable of adjusting to various screen sizes.

Final Thoughts

So, these are a few essential things that all great website designs possess in common. By considering and incorporating these elements, you can optimize your site both for its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Consequently, you can convert visitors into clickers, and clickers into customers.