Tips for Mastering Clothing Photography

Running a fashion business or blog requires high-quality photos. Studies show that using high-resolution images on your website can influence a customer’s decision. Visitors are also likelier to spend more time on your website if they find it visually appealing. 

Many buyers want to see how the piece will look on them before buying. Here is where skills like mannequin and ghost photography come in. There are many options when it comes to apparel photography. You can hire a professional fashion photographer, set up a DIY studio, or find clothing photography services in your area. 

Below are essential tips to help you elevate your clothing photography game.

Good Lighting is Crucial

Lighting is an essential ingredient in photography. Poor lighting will make even photos taken using high-end cameras look bad. Before you think of anything else, consider investing in good lighting for your studio.

However, you can also take advantage of natural light from the sun. The only downside is that you can’t take photos at night or during days when heavy clouds are blocking the sun. Softboxes are great as they will help you highlight the textures and details of the fabric without harsh shadows.

Select the Right Background

Remember, you have to develop a brand identity when taking photographs for your blog or business. While you’re at it, uniformity is essential when developing a theme for your project. The background you choose can impact the aesthetic of your photographs.

Go for a clean and mild background to avoid distractions from the main subject. Solid colors like white, black, and grey are great and work well with clothes of different shades. Also, consider your shooting location when choosing backgrounds. 

For example, a backdrop stand with seamless paper or fabric backdrops will work well with indoor shots.

Get a Tripod or Gimbal 

A slight shake of the hand can distort the sharpness of your clothing photos. Use a tripod or a gimbal for better stability. Your choice will depend on your budget. Tripods are cheaper and will get the job done. Gimbals are costlier but offer better stabilization, and they are portable.

A tripod will suffice if you are only working with static shots. However, if you want more dynamic shots, consider getting a gimbal. Both will help you capture sharper images, especially if you are working in low-light conditions.

Mannequins vs. Models 

Models and mannequins add more life to your photos. You can use either models or mannequins when it comes to clothing photography. Hiring models for a session can be expensive, especially if you include other additional services like make-up artists and stylists. 

Mannequins are a cheaper option. You can rent or purchase mannequins for your studio depending on your budget. Most customers will want to see how the garment or accessory looks when worn before buying.

Summing Up 

Great photography is not just about capturing clothing, it’s about telling a story and evoking emotions that resonate with your target audience. The tips in this guide will help you capture high-quality photos that will influence the customer’s decision.