Google Will Penalize For Sneaky Mobile Redirects

Google Will Penalize For Sneaky Mobile Redirects

We have a lot of news connected with penalties from Google this month and with this article we will continue the trend. If you are checking Google announcements regularly this will not be any new information for you. Google already warned webmasters about penalties if they are using sneaky mobile redirects in October last year.

With no specific reason for the announcement, they decided to warn us again. This happened on the 4th of May, in Google+. Here is the exact part about these mobile redirects:

To combat this trend, we have been taking action on sites that sneakily redirect users in this way. If your site has been affected, read this Help Center article on detecting and getting rid of unwanted sneaky mobile redirects.

As we saw during the previous month Google are trying to prevent of spam activities and are taking all the possible actions. For this reason I thought that Google already took some actions to prevent or even penalize webmasters who are using this technique. It seems I was wrong, so my second guess is that this is a last time warning and probably many webmasters are using this sneaky method. Maybe the volume of using this technique increased a lot during the last months and actions just needed to be taken.

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  1. papajack
    papajack says:

    Thanks for your information. I was disappointed because I had already experienced this in my website not knowing that I was banned and not found in Google Search despite there’s no message in my webmaster tools that I was violated. I was upset because my amount of visitors decrease for almost 80% reason to decrease my adsense earnings. Then I make a search on how to fix it. I found out that in my webmaster tools in manual action has warning “Detect and get rid of unwanted sneaky mobile redirects”. I don’t know why does it happen I already tried in my mobile view several times but it seems not redirect in other URL. Then I ask for review today. How long does it take to review? Does why my website will affect my SERP or page ranking?

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