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24 Valuable SEO Statistics & Case Studies

Today’s business world is inevitably connected with its online presence and no company should underestimate this fact. If we dig deeper SEO is the crown jewel on top of the whole online marketing scope. Search Engine Optimization is crucial for every website but is not what it used to be. The proper methods and criteria for […]

The 84 Best SEO Tips From 2017

SEO has been in the spotlight for a number of years now and there are no indications that this might change any time soon. Any business website needs quality Search Engine Optimization in order to grow, reach more visitors and eventually convert them into customers. It is a long process that is dangerously close to […]

Contact Info On A Website Is Not An Organic Ranking Signal

When it comes to organic ranking signals there are always grey areas and one can never be sure if something is true or false. In this case Google’s John Mueller gave us information on the contact information in a web site, and if it is an organic ranking signal. This happened in a Google Hangout […]

Short Articles Will Not Cause Penalties To Your Site

John Mueller from Google continues to light up different grey areas in the SEO universe. On the 8th of July, in a Google Hangout on Google+ he informed the community that Google will not penalize you if you have short articles. He noted that the decision of having a short or long article should not […]

Any Annoying Pop Up May Count As Primary Content

We have all heard and noticed those annoying pop ups and we know that they are not the favorites of Google’s webmaster analysts team. Last month Mihai Aperghis asked a very interesting question: Googlebot might give higher priority to the content on the pop-up instead of the content behind it? This happened in a Google […]

Sitemap URL Location Changes Do Not Affect Rankings

Sometimes we want to start something from the top but we are already too deep in the topic and cannot afford losing what we already managed to do. I personally had this situation a couple of times in my life and it is always a really hard decision. Now lets project this problem into a […]

Compare Queries Option Added In Google Search Analytics

It seems that even during the hot summer days Google does not stop the implementation of new features and services. During the previous month, the people from Google added a new feature to the Google Search Analytics aspect in the Google Search Console. As firstly reported by Jonathan Jones on Twitter, the new option allows […]