How to Choose the Most Suitable Framework for Web App Development

How to Choose the Most Suitable Framework for Web App Development

Without a foundation, a skyscraper cannot be built, no matter how beautiful it looks in the architect plans. This best describes the necessity of a web framework in web application development. Simply, a “web application development framework” refers to applications designed to support web development. A plethora of applications now exist to perform this function, and one of such is the Ember Js. development. However, it is of the importance we first acquaint ourselves, briefly, with what constitutes a web development.

Web App Development

This entails the creation of application programs which can be accessed via the internet and is to be managed through a remote server. Primary features considered in web app development include the User Interface (UI) and User experience (UX), but they are not as fundamental as the framework.

The web application development framework largely determines how the web application is to operate, based on the two compositions – frontend and backend. Frontend refers to what clients see and interact with when they visit a web application via the internet, while the backend is more behind the scenes. The backend primarily consists of a database, a server app, and a server and these are important in all regards. Based on the frontend and backend composition, there are top web frameworks that can be patronized in ensuring the smooth running and operation of the web application.

Top Web Application Development Frameworks

As has been stated, in recent years, the number of web frameworks has witnessed a sporadic increase. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the best one to suit your needs. This article, particularly this part, aims to aid you in this plight. Some of the top frameworks include:

1. Ember Js. framework development

Ember Js. has been gathering up interest lately in terms of how well it has been patronized. It has even been deemed one of, if not, the top web framework for your web app development. One of its key capabilities is the incorporation and integration of many JavaScript concepts into one; without the need to implement and address each of the said integrated concepts. The Ember Js. framework development has been described to be adaptive and is developed having in mind developers’ need for efficiency. It mainly has to do with the frontend part of the web composition, however. For example, iTunes and Netflix are built using Ember JS framework.

2. Django

This is another web framework that has caught the eye of most web developers. It is also gaining an increase in acceptance. Django is referred to as a fast efficient and secure web framework. Websites that have patronized Django include Pinterest and Quora.Django uses the Python programming language.

3. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a popular framework, as well, amongst most web developers. The popularity of Ruby on Rails as a web application development framework mainly stems from its relative speed, when compared to other frameworks in this regard. Its popularity is also attributed to its high efficiency. It is said that you can develop an application more than five times faster on Ruby on Rails. It uses the Ruby programming language and one of the major sites that patronize it is the Urban Dictionary. Hence, if you are searching for a very efficient web framework, it appears your best bet is Ruby on Rails.

4. Angular (Angular JS)

Angular (and may be referred to as Angular JS) is another popular and relatively highly used framework. It is easy to use and can be well navigated. It was created by Google and it is best used when creating a complex or high-performance web application. The popularity of Angular as a top web framework largely comes from this – being used as the web framework of relatively complex apps. YouTube runs on the Angular web application development framework.

These are to name a few. While others do exist, these, across the board, are considered top of the chain in terms of efficiency, speed, and productivity.


Web application development frameworks are very important in the development phase of a web application, and even beyond. However, in choosing any of the many that exist, it is also important to know the need for which you want a web application, in order to patronize any of the top web frameworks that best suit your needs and work for you.