The Importance of Lighting and Sound in Events

The events are a business opportunity and a marketing solution, the perfect occasion to present a product or service. It is definitely about making ourselves visible and establishing direct contact with clients and professionals in the sector. Some time ago, the events were reserved for large companies and institutions but today that vision has changed completely since there are many companies that carry out events as another marketing tool because of its great effectiveness. When planning an event, both correct lighting and sound quality are important aspects to consider, since their success or failure can depend largely on them.

Illuminate to decorate the events

Apart from providing spaces with light, lighting plays a leading role in decorating a space. A good balance between the type of light and its quantity with respect to a space, allows to transform the way in which it is perceived, creating environments and different climates. It makes it possible to enhance or mitigate the decoration and also intensify the value of those decorative elements used.

In the decoration of spaces lighting is used to create different environments and give a touch of personality to any space. Reflects, absorbs and focuses the light to transform a designated area or highlight details within a space. Lighting also influences the perception of the colors of a place. It is important when choosing the source of lighting, take into account the environment in which both will live together. Defining what activities are going to be carried out in each area helps to choose what feelings you want to make feel.

There are several lighting alternatives: general, spot (focal), ambient (exhibition) and decorative lighting.

Sound quality is key in events

The sound system used must adapt to the space where we organize the event. Whether outdoors or indoors, we must ensure that the sound reaches all attendees, regardless of their location in the venue and that it is clear and crisp. The high-quality audio support is the most important component of any event or business conference. It gathers audience attention and only mode to convey your message more effectively.

We must take advantage of the acoustics of the place or amplify it if necessary, so that the audio clearly reaches every corner you can also take skilled advice. We will use an adequate sound system of sufficient quality to be able to cover the event.

For an event with music only, many elements are not necessary, but if it is a speech or conferences, at least the following are needed: speakers, amplifiers, monitors, equalizers, mixer, microphone. In addition, it is necessary to have a sound technician ‘in situ’ who knows how to use each of the equipment correctly and that hours prior to the event perform the appropriate sound tests to avoid any unpleasant surprises such as a simple sound coupling.

Letting us be advised by a team of professionals will help us to ensure the choice of the best equipment to obtain the best possible lighting and sound throughout the premises and for all attendees.