How To Delete Pages From PDF Like A Pro Using PDFBear

How To Delete Pages From PDF Like A Pro Using PDFBear

In our day-to-day lives, we try to throw away or delete several things to our advantage. When we organize our rooms or give our house a revamp, we have to get rid of objects that no longer fit in, serve their purpose and take up space. In terms of our skin, we eliminate anything that pollutes our pores because we want to make it appear more radiant, clear, and appealing. 

When it comes to processes, we like to speed up things and to have a faster turn-around time, and we do this if we can delete any unnecessary steps and procedures to make it simple and easy. In life, we want to get rid of the things that disturb us, keep us stuck, or get in the way of living life better. The same advantages apply even with our PDF files. Having the option to delete lets us get rid of unwanted pages in our PDF files that take up space. If we want to make them more organized, we can take out the extra pages that sometimes we skim to check whether it holds important data and keep the pages we prefer to store to our liking. Deleting pages from PDF allows us to keep files light, easy to print out when needed, give us more space to save, and even discard sensitive data that we don’t want to show. Living in a technology-driven time, you will surely find yourself being demanded to customize files, and to delete pages from PDF is something you will need to do every once in a while. 

How to Delete PDF Like a Pro

But boy, does it drive us crazy when we don’t know how to go about doing it. Not all of us have the patience to deal with files, and most of us have no clue on how to do it. But thankfully, there is a website that leads us to the simple path of living a stress-free life when dealing with PDF: PDFBear. 

Without much hassle on anyone’s part, you access this life-saving website and take off the extra baggage in your file by following the easy steps below:

1. Upload the PDF file you like to modify in the PDFBear website or you can Drag & Drop the file that you would like to delete pages from.

2. Choose or enter the page/s you want to get rid of. The website will immediately apply the changes. You don’t have to wait long because it processes the file fast.

4. Once the file is ready, you can click download and save your file on your computer or device, or you can also share it via email and send the link for other people to download. 

Check Out PDFBear!

PDFbear paves the way for all novice computer users to execute the task of deleting pages from their PDF, along with other tricky PDF-related concerns, without any sweat. PDFBear not only deletes the pages but also helps you eliminate spending several hours you probably would have lost trying to figure things out. With PDFBear’s complete and ready-to-use PDF tools, you can have the peace and serenity that comes along with being able to swiftly convert, merge, organize, edit, repair a damaged PDF file and apply security to it. 


PDFBear offers wider options however with its Pro Membership. For a monthly fee of $14.99 or an annual fee of $9.99, you have unlimited access to all of their tools and have Cloud storage where you can store all your files as a backup if you need to save them immediately. With a Pro Membership, you convert files to and from PDF as many times as you want and convert large file sizes. Another huge advantage in having a Pro membership is being able to make PDF files out of hard copy. 

If the only remaining copy of your document is the hard copy of it, and you’re planning to just type it again, then no need for that. PDFBear’s Optical Character Recognition ( OCR) will make it easy for you to have a soft copy of the file without going through all that effort. Their monthly fee is lower compared to other websites for a complete package of quality services. They also apply maximum security and ensure that their users are safe from the possibility of being hacked while using their website. They utilize a 256- BIT SSL Certificate( Secure Socket Layer) that encrypts all data coming in. 

Simplest Way To Edit Your Files 

Like mentioned, we want every process to be as simple as possible and PDFBear gets that. They pooled in all tools needed for a PDF and are continuously developing their services. With Pro membership, you have around-the-clock assistance whenever you have PDF concerns since they are backed up with a team of experts when it comes to PDF issues. This website also provides practical tips and techniques with tasks related to PDF, like making your resume, to enlighten you on how to have an edge when you use PDF. We all want some trial before we dive into something, so if you want to take your time you can, it provides a 14-day trial, for you to test the waters and get to know how their services work.

In A Nutshell 

John W. Gardner, a very significant and influential man, once said “Life is the art of drawing without an eraser”, and this is true on many levels, however when it comes to deleting PDF pages with PDFBear consider yourself having a pretty big eraser- along with other easy to use tools. You can say goodbye to your frustrations with PDF because deleting, converting, securing your files has never been this easy. So the next time you need to delete pages from a PDF to save space, eliminate an unimportant page or trim it down, you now know that you can find a trusty all-in-one PDF expert in PDFBear.