How You Can Find High PA Expired Web 20 Profiles

How To Quickly & Easily Find High Authority Expired Web 2.0 Accounts

High domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) Web 2.0 posts and profiles are one of the best backlinks you can get for your website nowadays. If you are one of the people who likes their website’s off-page portfolio to be clean and high quality, high PA Web 2.0s is something you should be looking for. But, creating a Web 2.0 account from scratch and then taking its page authority to higher levels takes some time and effort.

Today, I will teach you how you can skip this process and directly find expired high PA Web 2.0 profiles ready for re-registering. For those unaware, an expired Web 2.0 is simply a profile on a Web 2.0 site which has been suspended or completely deleted for whatever reason. Most of the time, such expired profiles will be ready for re-registering after some time or even immediately. And there are thousands of them just waiting to be snatched by someone. All you have to do is find them. Let me show you how you can do that. The process is extremely fast and easy, so it won’t be long before you become the proud owner of your very own high PA Web 2.0 PBN.

What You’ll Learn

  • A step-by-step guide for finding expired high PA Web 2.0 profiles on major Web 2.0 sites such as WordPress and Tumblr – I will find a bunch of expired high PA Web 2.0 profiles in front of your eyes in less than an hour.
  • How you can use your brand new high PA Web 2.0 accounts.
  • How you can prevent them from being deleted again.
  • Conclusion.

Let’s Find Some Awesome Expired Web 2.0 Profiles

I will walk you through a complete example as I find a bunch of high PA Tumblr accounts available for re-registering.

Step 1. Finding Web 2.0 Profiles to Check

To perform this search for expired high PA Web 2.0 profiles, all you will be needing is Scrapebox and a bunch of really nice private proxies such as the ones by BuyProxies. First thing you will need to do is to start up Scrapebox and then install the following free addons:

  • ScrapeBox Vanity Name Checker
  • ScrapeBox Page Authority

The next thing you will do is get a Moz API key and enter it in your Page Authority addon. Simply open up the addon, click on “Account setup”, and then input your Moz API key there.

Okay. We have our Page Authority addon ready. Now open up the Vanity Name Checker addon and click on “Settings”. You will be shown a list of the Web 2.0 sites which Scrapebox supports. The vanity name checker will simply check a Web 2.0 profile and see if it is available for registering or not. That’s it. For this example, I will be finding expired high PA Tumblr profiles, but you can go with any of the ones listed there.

Alright, close the addon now and divert your attention to the “Harvester” section of Scrapebox. Click on the “Custom Footprint” radio button if it is not already selected, and then enter in the input field above it the following: “” without the quotes of course. For those who do not know what that is, it simply means that Scrapebox will look for URLs which contain the domain “”.

The next step is keywords. For this example I have selected about 1,500 generic words from the English language, but you can input your own keywords relevant to your niche. If you are interested, you can see all the keywords I will be using:

Scrapebox Expired Tumblr Profiles Keywords

In the end, your Scrapebox “Harvester” should look something like this:

Scrapebox Harvester Setup

As you can see, I will be using 50 private proxies, all of which are from BuyProxies, because I have found them to be the best when it comes to scraping on Google. I setup the “Harvester” at 7 connections and select only the Google search engine. At this point, you are ready to scrape Tumblr URLs. Just click the “Start Harvesting” button and enjoy the show:

Waiting for Scrapebox Harvester to Finish

The scraping process ended in just about 20 minutes and I ended up with 37,915 Tumblr URLs. Here they are:

Scrapebox Tumblr URLs

Step 2. Checking the Web 2.0 Profiles for Availability

First of all, you will need to “Trim to Root” the scraped URLs and then you will also need to remove duplicate URLs. Okay, now we are left with unique Tumblr profiles. Now click on “Export URL List” and then click “Copy all url’s to the Clipboard”. Open the Vanity Name Checker addon.

Paste the URLs you just put into your clipboard into the “Keywords/Urls” field. Then you will need to tick the small checkbox at the bottom where it says “urls” which will let the addon know that it will be dealing with URLs. After that, click on “Settings” and uncheck all of the Web 2.0 sites except for Tumblr. I setup the addon at 30 threads and let it rip. Now, all you have to do is wait again:

Waiting for Scrapebox Vanity Name Checker to Finish

After about 5 minutes, all of the Tumblr profiles should be checked and this is what you should be looking at:

Scrapebox Vanity Checker Done

As you can see, most of the profiles are already taken, but there are those which will be available. And that’s what we are looking for. The next step is to click on the “Export” button and then “Export sites available as text”. This will save all of the available Tumblr profiles at the destination of your choice. Name the file “available tumblr profiles.txt”. Okay awesome! We have found some expired Tumblr profiles. Now, let’s check them in terms of PR, DA, MozRank and PA, so that we find the ones we actually want. An expired Web 2.0 with zero PA is just like a newly created Web 2.0, so we don’t want those.

Step 3. Checking the Available Web 2.0 Profiles for Their PA, DA, PR, and MozRank

Let’s start with PR. Quite simply clear the “URL’s Harvested” section of Scrapebox and import your “available tumblr profiles.txt” file. Then click on “Check Pagerank” and then select “Get URL Pagerank”. Note that you need the URL PR, not the domain PR, because the domain PR is for “” and it will be the same for all of our expired Web 2.0 accounts.

Once the PR check is done, you will see something like this:

Scrapebox Expired Web 20 PR Check

Now, I know that PR is not a great indicator nowadays since it doesn’t get updated that often, but if there is a Web 2.0 profile with a PR, this means that it is quite good. As you can see from above, we have one Tumblr profile with PR2 and one with PR0 which is nice. But, what we are really looking for is page authority. Let’s see what Moz has to say about these expired Tumblr accounts.

Open the Page Authority addon, load the “available tumblr profiles.txt” file and then click “Start”. Here are my results:

Scrapebox Expired Tumblr Profiles PA Check

This is beautiful. It has been no more than an hour and we have already found about 20 expired high PA Web 2.0 profiles. After removing the 1.00 PA Web 2.0 profiles, I am left with 17 high PA Tumblr accounts. All I have to do now is register them manually. Let’s do this for one of the expired Web 2.0 accounts to make sure that this is real life – I like And there you have it:

Registered Expired Tumblr Account

I am now the proud owner of a Tumblr account with 32.43 PA and 3.14 MozRank. Then, if I do the same for the remaining 16 Tumblr profiles I will be left with a total of 17 high PA Tumblr accounts in less than an hour. Not too shabby huh? You can then simply do the same thing for the other Web 2.0 sites supported by Scrapebox and in no time, you will own a high PA Web 2.0 PBN which will boost your website’s rankings much faster than regular Web 2.0 links.

Using Your Brand New High PA Web 2.0 Profiles

So you worked hard all day long and you managed to create your high PA Web 2.0 PBN. But what can you do with it? Well, the most obvious choice would be to use it and create backlinks for your websites. You can import the accounts into FCS Networker and use it to drip feed projects on your precious Web 2.0 private blog network.

Another option you have is to offer a service on Fiverr, or some online marketing forum where you can sell backlinks from your PBN at a reasonable price. You can also sell the high PA Web 2.0 PBN itself to someone – many people are looking for such offers.

Chances are, you will be creating posts with backlinks to your websites. A few beautiful and quality links from your high PA Web 2.0 private blog network will do wonders in terms of ranking your websites in the SERPs – of course depending on the competition of your target keywords.

Preventing Your New High PA Web 2.0 Accounts From Being Deleted Again

You are probably extremely happy that you are now in control of such a nice Web 2.0 PBN. However, you must not forget how you got that in the first place – these accounts were suspended for some reason. You wouldn’t want this to happen again now would you? Here’s how you can avoid that…


So there you have it. Now you know how to quickly and easily find expired Web 2.0 accounts, filter the ones that have high page authority and MozRank, and then re-register them manually – all this done using just Scrapebox and a bunch of private proxies from BuyProxies.

Of course, if you don’t have the time to perform this process of searching for expired authority Web 2.0s, there are services and software you can take advantage of. For example, you can use Domain Hunter Gatherer (our tutorial and honest review), which is a very easy-to-use desktop application and its “Premium” plan priced at $17/month allows you to easily find expired Web 2.0 accounts. What DHG will do is basically enable you to enter a bunch of keywords, and then it will list all of the expired Web 2.0 accounts on sites such as WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, Weebly, LiveJournal, Tripod, and many more, which match your target keywords along with many stats such as PA, DA, PR, age, search engines index status, social signals, etc. Simple as that.

Bottom line is finding expired authority Web 2.0 accounts is not difficult at all and with all the advanced software that marketers have created, anyone can do it. The real question here is how you will use the profiles once you have them under your control? Will you get them deleted again or will you use them with caution and grow their authority even more up to a point where they start ranking pretty much anything? Good choice. Now click here for the continuation of the expired saga – a step-by-step tutorial on finding cheap high PR expired domains. See you on the other side.

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  1. Tahlia Horniman
    Tahlia Horniman says:

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my users would certainly benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Regards!

  2. Aakash
    Aakash says:

    Could this work for Social Media accounts as well ?
    I used your method to find Tumblr accounts and it worked like a charm although it won’t return any results when I tried scraping G+ accounts.

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey Aakash,

      I have not yet found an automatic method in which this could work for social media accounts. Even if it had returned G+ accounts on your scrape, you’d still have no way of automatically bulk checking their availability. You’d have to go through each account manually and also, I’m not even entirely sure this is applicable to social media accounts, because I am not aware of their deletion and/or expiring profile policies.


      • Aakash
        Aakash says:

        Also,when I try to scrape Weebly’s it says ‘No login data’ in the Status column of Vanity Name Checker. Why does this happen ?

        • Doncho Karaivanov
          Doncho Karaivanov says:

          You need to right click on Weebly and enter login details to use (from your Weebly account), otherwise the check won’t work.


  3. dave
    dave says:

    Thx for the tutorial, very useful! I tried this and although i found quite a few expired web 2s, most platforms won’t let you re-register them (until x amount of time after in most cases – if at all). I managed to register 1 Tumblr, but none of the others. Is there a tool / service you’re aware of that will keep trying to re-register or check how long the domain has been expired so you can come back at a later date?

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey Dave,

      I don’t know of such a tool, but have never had a problem with expired time. Are you sure the problem wasn’t something else?


  4. Sylwesterseo
    Sylwesterseo says:

    Hello! I have a question. If i block my content by hiding it just for subscribed if it will be still indexable?

  5. flikzhu
    flikzhu says:

    hi,useful articles, and i have a problem, that is, when i re-register the expired web 2.0, i find it available! can you give me some reason!

  6. cherryto
    cherryto says:

    Hey there.
    I have scrapebox v
    I think the problem is something else. For example, 400 addresses which were found today, most of them without PR. All of the server’s response 404,Vanity Name – avaliable. . None of the 400 is not available for registration .

    This is part of the “free” address. If you get register at least one of them, apparently the problem is on my side (login?, IP?,..?)

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Maybe the addon needs an update in its algorithm for telling whether or not an account is actually available or not. I haven’t scraped for expired Web 2.0 profiles recently, so I’m not really aware of this problem. But I have heard a few other people mention the same thing. If I were you, I’d contact Scrapebox Support.


  7. Mirko
    Mirko says:

    Hey man great article, one question, when you re-register these accounts do you switch out IP’s and make accounts with different emails? For example: 1 tumblr 1 email 1 switched ip?

  8. Bob
    Bob says:

    I have quite a bit of experience with this technique. Using the SBox vanity name checker I have reclaimed several hundred high PA domains that SBox vanity name checker supports that also have PR…I personally recommend changing IP address as well as using a unique email account for each registration. Tumblr in particular. I also believe that the vanity name checker needs an update. I have noticed over the past several months that a lot of ‘false positives’ for availability concerning Tumblr in particular are being generated. I guess if enough folks contact SBox developer and share this concern, the ‘availability’ concern will be resolved. Up to about six months ago, the vanity name checker was ‘rock solid’.

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey Bob,

      I agree with the changing your IP and email address for each unique account, although I think the first one is not mandatory. However, you can never be too safe right?

      As for the Vanity Name Checker, the one in SB V2 allows you to customize the scenarios when an account is considered as available or taken.


  9. Bob
    Bob says:

    Thank you for the comments…Over the past couple of years, I have reclaimed hundreds of web 2.0 accounts via the SB vanity name checker plugin…I have done quite a bit of experimentation with regard to IP…When I do not change IP and email address – IP in particular between re-registration attempts, my effort to re-register the next available ‘domain’…is ‘blocked’….Most notable in this regard is Tumblr and Weebly…However, the same thing consistently happens with Twitter as well. Although it is a bit time consuming, I always change IP with HMA and I also run CCleaner between each re-registration effort. Would you share you ‘customize scenarios when an account is considered as available or taken’ (available in particular – Tumblr) by way of the SB vanity name checker plugin?

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey Bob,

      Basically, you need to check out manually what message is shown when an account is taken and when an account is available, and then customize the vanity name checker to look for that message in the appropriate action.


  10. CoolseoNow
    CoolseoNow says:

    When people mention changing their email address and IP. Is this an attempt to eliminate the footprint for twitter and tumbler or are you doing this so the main search engine does not know all these accounts with links pointing to your money site are yours?

  11. CoolseoNow
    CoolseoNow says:

    When we register expired twitter accounts, what should we put in the field “website”. Should we just pick a money site that closely resembles the twitter account we registered or be totally random about it? It seems that for Tumbler you are saying to be random in the posts and not place a link to the same website in every post. Maybe another way to word this is: Let’s say I have a “diet pills” website and I find 10 weight loss expired twitters with high PA and register them. I would put this allidietpill website into the profile of all 10 expired weight loss related twitters. Than, I would find maybe 10 high PA weight loss Tumblers which would link to my 10 Twitters randomly.(if Tumbler is considered a social bookmarking site instead of web 2.0 , thus, a Tier 2 site) So, Tumbler 1 would like to Twitter 1 and Tumbler 2 would like to Twitter 4 and the following post Tumbler 1 would like to Twitter 10 and Tumbler 2 would like to Twitter 6. Is this what you mean?

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Oh no. This seems really unnatural and like a huge footprint having 10 Twitter accounts linking to the same website. As I have already mentioned, I’m not really into hunting expired Twitter accounts, so I don’t know how the platform would react to this situation. What I do know is that you basically need to ask yourself what would be natural – and then go with that.


  12. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    Used your method and I found 3 great Tumblr. However, my harvester stops at 600+ Tumblrs found and the rest are all Error. My only guess is that I have used only 10 proxies and Google has blocked the rest? So it seems like I have to get 50 proxies like you do?

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey Joseph,

      Generally yes mate. Also, lower the number of connections to about 3 – 5 if you have good dedicated proxies. Another thing u can do is try the user server proxies that come with Scrapebox.


      • Joseph
        Joseph says:

        Thanks for the reply. I just want to highlight one more step, if you think that is useful. My last step is to check if these high PA Tumblrs are indexed in Google.

        I had registered one expired Tumblr account and that wasn’t indexed at all by Google. I hope it would be indexed later but I won’t bet on it.

        So maybe you could mention to have these high PA expired Tumblrs to be checked using “Check Google Indexed” that is also available in Scrapebox.

        Just to share this, I don’t know if it’s useful. :)

          • Joseph
            Joseph says:

            Well, I hope that this tumblr that I registered will get indexed again.

            I have also tried other Web2.0 extension, I realized it’s quite hard to get WordPress blogs. I found Typepad blogs (PA60+!!!) but it has to be paid. :)

  13. mindmaster
    mindmaster says:

    Indexing expired tumblrs is an easy task once you check for multiple metrics. For example: when a tumblr has both PR+1 and PA+27 there are very low chances of being spammed, thus making indexing possible. If you check only for tumblrs that are indexed now you are missing on a bunch of great tumblrs that have been deleted by their owner years ago.
    You can read all about tumblr SEO on this guide:

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey mate,

      Anything can lead to your site being penalized if you don’t know what you’re doing. So be careful where you are creating any backlinks directly to your money site.


  14. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    Just a feedback, I’ve found almost 10 Tumblr sites, registered them and put up content. But after one month they are still NOT indexed. I wonder why. It’s quite frustrating when I spend the time and efforts to find these high PA/DA Tumblr accounts and they are not indexing at all. :(

    Anyway to get them indexed? Add more content?

      • Joseph
        Joseph says:

        Well, I didn’t build links. I assume that they will be reindexed as long as I add content, like expired domains. But I have sent them to my paid indexing software before and it’s still the same.

        • Doncho Karaivanov
          Doncho Karaivanov says:

          Hey Joseph,

          You need to send links to them mate. If they are not indexed, send more. I’m not sure that just posting content on them will get the job done. Also, are u liking to the root URL of the profiles or to the posts themselves?


  15. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    I use SENuke. They don’t get index. I have just created some blogger and WordPress posts and hopefully that will help.

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey Rekha,

      You would have to go on Google and search manually as the tutorial suggests. Then you would have to manually go through all the results and check the individual profiles for their availability.


  16. digital instinct
    digital instinct says:

    Fantastic Blog Post to say the least. I am doing this in a pretty similar way, but I got some questions to you, just to know, how you see those things:

    – you are only scraping in your niche and use those Expired Web2.0s?

    I mean: you are also looking, which Kind of Content has been Provided on These Accounts so far? Or Do you just Look for metrics?

    – Do you have experience how Domain Age of web2.0s influences Rankings of your MS?

    Thank you and if you like, You can drop me an Email & WE can connect via Skype.

    – Philipp

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:


      1. Yes, only niche relevant scraping. Basically, I enter keywords that I know would mean that the Web 2.0 accounts are relevant to what I am looking for otherwise they won’t show up in the search at all.
      2. Aged Web 2.0s tend to work better and faster than brand new ones, but if you ask me, it comes down to the content that you put on these Web 2.0s from which you will link to your MS.

      Skype is if you want to communicate more dynamically. :)

      Regards mate!

  17. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Hello sir, thanks for sharing this amazing guide with us, I want to know that which sites allow re-registeration of web 2.0s like tumblr?

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey Andrew,

      There are many of those mate, but some charge money for it. Just take a look at all websites from the Vanity Name Checker addon of Scrapebox and you will see which ones you can scrape for.


  18. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Hey Man,

    Another fantastic post. I actually wrote a free little tool (no catches, sign up) to find expired Tumblrs I think you/readers would be interested in it. You just enter your niche keywords and it does the rest, also checks to see if you can actually register them too! Won’t let me post a link but its on my website :-)

    Happy hunting! :-)

  19. Bahn
    Bahn says:

    Hi Doncho,

    I have a question about getting web 2.0 expired WordPress blogs, as I use the exact same method you are explaining in your tutorial. Scrapebox is able to scrape 13627 URL’s but none of the blogs where available when checking in the “vanity name checker”. Do you know if there should be different strategies applied for expired WordPress blogs?

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey Bahn,

      I don’t think that WordPress blogs become available when deleted. I think they become unavailable permanently. Not 100% sure, but I think that’s the case.


  20. Alian Butt
    Alian Butt says:

    Is there any alternative way like “Vanity checker” to check the availability of tumblr blog in bulk? Because addons are not working for me.

  21. Bhati
    Bhati says:

    i tried to rank one of my page who already ranked ranked on 4th to 5th page for few main keyword ( Low Competition). I tried with 10 expired tumblr with 35 to 42 PA. All tumblr have 200 words article with images and videos. Since i need fast ranking tha’ts why i submit to 3 GWT accounts for indexing after one day of putting article on tumblr Blog. After indexing the links the page ranking losses and now ( after 8 days) the page ranked on 6- 10th page. I used main keyword and keyword variation to linking the money site. can you confirm that am i doing any mistakes.
    According to me the reason behind for ranking drop.
    1. main Keyword and variation used to linking.
    2. 3 tumble used for Indexing in GWT.
    3. Index after one day of putting article on tumble.
    have you any suggestion.

  22. tori
    tori says:

    Thanks for this. I just purchased some PA 30 Tumblr/Weeblies on Fiverr (seems so much easier to do that than to do it all myself and I don’t have Scrapebox). They have names but no content. The Weebly blogs all have the same photos, which I assume are the default photos. Is it good that they be blank? And does the lack of content mean they were not penalized, or did they get penalized and thus have their content erased? If they were penalized, then by whom? Thanks for any help.

  23. Eaadhar
    Eaadhar says:

    thanxx for an really informative post now i will following everything according to the rules… but i wud like to know when will we get to know that our page rank is increasing

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey Eaadhar,

      Forget about PR. Follow Majestic stats. And you will know as soon as you build links from the expired Web 2.0 properties and they get indexed and crawled by Majestic and Google.


  24. Sal
    Sal says:

    Hey, great post. Does the tumblr accounts need to be niche specific to work, and do you need different accounts for all the urls

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey Sal,

      Niche specific is preferred which is why we scrape them by relevant keywords and no, you can link to many URLs from one property but you should get more than one of course to diversify the backlinks.


  25. Shailesh Sharma
    Shailesh Sharma says:

    Thanks for this awesome step to step guide Doncho. I have some queries.
    Let’s say i have found some expired tumblrs.
    1. Now for registering them do i need to use different email and different IP every time.
    2. Also once i have registered them do i need to change my IP every time i post something on different tumblr blogs.

    • Doncho Karaivanov
      Doncho Karaivanov says:

      Hey Shailesh,

      1. Not really. You can register several blogs on a single Tumblr account. And as for the IP, I don’t think it is necessary to change it at all.
      2. Not at all. Try and register them onto one account and use them like that. Don’t worry about IPs.


  26. Hisyam
    Hisyam says:

    I have issues using Scrapebox Vanity Name checker. Almost all available tumblr account were actually taken or blocked to register. Vanity name still show “available” if double check. But Still cannot register.
    I use scrapebox to find seed list. Then I use SEO list builder to scrape more. I find many goods PA/DA but cannot register.

    Previously I use Domain Hunter Gatherer. Its also have issues showing many false result. I mean, it shows available, but its not available if manually check the url.

  27. Tejwinder Singh
    Tejwinder Singh says:

    Well, you just save me, my friend. I have Scrapebox but now able to utilize it due to lack of resource and tutorials. Now I am going to try this Web 2.0 Expired Domain scrapping. Thanks for such an informative article Doncho

  28. Marcel
    Marcel says:

    Hey thanks for that nice post! Is there another possibility to scrape wordpress accounts? With the default option in scrapebox its not possible. It shows all the time taken accounts.
    Thanks :)

  29. Jacques
    Jacques says:

    Hi! Very useful your article. I’ve found a couple of PA 30+ but when I checked backlinks they come from another tumblr accounts (like they are commenting in another tumblr accounts), also they are no follow, what do you think about? Thanks

  30. Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali says:

    Once again you shared an amazing article. I have a question.. Can you please tell me about list of web 2.0s which can be re register. As far as I know only tumblr can be re register. Plz share if you have any other known web 2.0s. thanx

  31. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Very useful your article. I’ve found a couple of PA 30+ using Thumblr Hunter Software. But i’d like to know how to find 2.0 expired. What software would you recommend to find them? Thank you!

  32. Sunny J
    Sunny J says:

    This is very useful. I am looking to get backlinks for my site but always get articles that suggests to submit sites on directories and comment on others blog. This is new to me. I will take a look at this.a
    Awesome explanation . Thanks for sharing.

  33. Hazel Kumar
    Hazel Kumar says:


    Could you please let me know what is the basic difference between a expired domain and expired web 2.0 ?

    And what would be better ??

    Could you please help me on this ??

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