Manual Actions Recoveries Get Displayed Within Days In Googles Search Console

Manual Actions Recoveries Get Displayed Within Days In Google’s Search Console

We spoke a lot about Manual Actions from Google, but this time I am going to give you some information on the after-math or as we might name it – the recovery process. The interesting Google+ hangout was posted on the 17th of June and the man responsible for it is again John Mueller.

He answered a specific question from an affected user and gives us the typical time frame. The person asking recently recovered from a manual penalty for links and even a whole week later the penalty is still visible in the Manual Penalty Viewer, part of Google’s Search Console. So, he was wondering if this is normal and what should he do. John Mueller’s answer was:

Sometimes you’ll see kind of a, I guess, a lag or delay of maybe a day or so in the manual actions settings, until the manual action setting propagated. But if you are saying that was a week ago, probably sounds like something either got stuck or it didn’t really happen properly.

From this conversation we can make the conclusion if a manual action still appears a day or two after the email notification, then it is quite possible that you have another issue waiting to be fixed.