Online Security Measures That Do Not Work

There are many cybersecurity risks online. There is the threat of malware, phishing, and many other challenges. As technology increase, additional measures are being taken to collect data.

It is more than just using a good measure to stay safe online. There are many things that can lead to potential harm.

Some good cybersecurity measures work and some that do not. These will help both people that want to protect their home computer and those looking to protect their business.

Improved Security

Encryption is an option, and it is said all data must be encrypted and so should emails. If encryptions are available, it is a good idea to enable them. This will help protect the data.

Encryption may keep the user from accessing their own information. In this case, it is good to have a backup in cloud storage or on an external unit. This is a safety measure.

A person should have the updates set on automatic so they can always have the latest version of the operating system running. The same should be set for apps. Here are some recommendations to help with this.

Change up the passwords on the modern and router to make them more secure

Set the configure app to its top privacy setting

Turn off Bluetooth when it is not in use

Install network firewalls

Delete suspicious emails

Clean a wireless device before selling

Many people have heard of VPNs. They are not as secure as they sound. With the growth of technology, there are additional things to look at. There are no access controls on a VPN network which makes them harder to configure and manage. This is why a quality proxy server might be a better option, because VPNs are good for certain uses, while terrible for others.

A proxy can hide the IEP address and will route the information through the server before it reaches the receiving device. There is also geo-restricted content.

Businesses are becoming more interested in proxies and the security that they offer.

Antivirus Programs

Most people do not even use the free antivirus program. Some of the best protection is already installed on the computer.

Most desktops have a built-in defender and most smartphones do too. The ones that come on the device are often better than the programs that can be downloaded.

An antivirus program is not going to catch every threat. There are privacy tools and encryption to help. A person needs to be careful of what they are downloading and looking up online. A person should stay on trusted sites and should not download anything unless a security check is run on it.

It is important to choose a reputable program with a high rating. These are some things to look for:

The detection rate of malware

Layers of protection

Privacy policy

Impact on the system


Ease of use

Facial Recognition

Most people have heard of this technology. It is impressive. It is being used to help people get into their smartphones and other devices. This way if the device is lost or stolen no one else will be able to get into the device. This will help prevent the sensitive information that may be there.

Facial systems are being used to verify passports and they are used to verify identity.

This program can be used to recognize people on the no-fly list that security guards may not recognize. They may change their characteristic can look different. The facial recognition technology will not lie. They will recognize a person that the naked eye may have missed.

Facial recognition technology is getting better and pretty soon it will be used in many different applications. They can be applied to many situations since they will be able to give accurate identity information.


To stay safe a person needs to be up to date with the current measures in cybersecurity. Now is the time to review a computer or smart device security measure and make sure the basic security measures have been taken. When it comes to cybersecurity sometimes the basic system loaded on the computer are better than the more advanced and complicated systems. Following the right practices will help protect the data and the important files on the computer. They are often better than downloading some of the fancy systems.