TOP 4 Longines Watches That You Should Spend Money On!

Longines may not be the most popular Swiss watch manufacturing brand in the market. But it certainly is a firm with a long and rich history. Since Auguste Agassiz founded the company in Switzerland in 1832, it has released many wrist and pocket watches that many people have loved. Even the world’s most popular genius, Albert Einstein, once owned two Longines watches in his lifetime. People may not consider Longines to be a top-tier Swiss watch brand. But it is still a firm that manufactures beautiful, sleek watches that are worth your money.

Because it has been founded before the birth of popular watch brands like Rolex, Longines has created a lot of watches that will suit every style and occasion. Longines has everything you are looking for, from elegant dress watches to powerful chronographs. This article will list down some of the best Longines watches you should consider.

Longines Master Collection L2.773.4.78.3

The Longines Master collection is the most famous watch collection that this Swiss company released. It contains several models that are very popular among watch enthusiasts and lovers. From classy dress watches to sporty chronographs, this watch collection has something for everyone. One of the most feature-packed and eye-catching timepieces from this collection is the Longines Master Collection L2.773.4.78.3. This watch contains many features and it has a classical/mechanical design, thanks in part to its watch dial and numbers. To start, its case back is transparent so you will be able to see the beautiful mechanical movements that allow this timepiece to function. Speaking of the case, the watch case of the Longines Master Collection L2.773.4.78.3 has a diameter of about 42 mm and a thickness of 14.5 mm. 

A Feature-Packed Chronograph

Now, this makes the Longines Master Collection L2.773.4.78.3 a little big for people with small wrists, but it is more than adequate for people with medium or bigger wrists. Due to its mechanical look and relatively large watch case, it is a perfect dress watch for men. But it is not just a dress watch. Aside from its classic, beautiful white dial, this timepiece has three sub-dials that have different functions. This includes a chronograph function, moon phase indicator, date pointer, and a day-date indicator. All of these unique features and a classic design are protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. While the Longines Master Collection L2.773.4.78.3 has a water resistance of just about 30 meters, you can still use it for all other occasions and events. After all, it wasn’t made to be a dive watch, but to be a beautiful watch you can pair with your suit and tie.

Longines HydroConquest Automatic L37424966

Another popular watch collection from Longines is the HydroConquest collection. As you may have guessed from its name, watch enthusiasts consider it a mid-tier dive watch. But it still holds a great value for your money and it has a design that almost everyone passionate about dive watches will recognize. One of the most popular watches that came from this collection is the Longines HydroConquest Automatic L37424966. This watch has a watch bezel that you can rotate in a single direction along with a blue aluminum insert. Automatic Swiss movement powers this timepiece and it also uses large hands and numbers containing luminescent material so that you could easily see this watch underwater. Since we talked about underwater, the Longines HydroConquest Automatic L37424966 wouldn’t be a dive watch if it wasn’t tough enough to face the challenges of the deep, right? 

A Watch Perfect For Diving 

To answer this question, the Longines HydroConquest Automatic L37424966 doesn’t disappoint, as it has a water resistance of up to 300 meters. With such water resistance, you can take this watch with you on almost any water-based activity, such as swimming and diving. This timepiece also has a deep-sea vibe, because its watch dial and bezel have a lovely sea blue color that matches the silver color of the watch’s bracelet and case. To top it off, this watch contains a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, which protects the timepiece from any elements in land and water. But while this watch was made to be a diving watch, you can still wear the Longines HydroConquest Automatic L37424966 on any other occasion where you wouldn’t need to submerge yourself underwater. 

Longines 1832 Men’s L4.827.4.92.2

The number “1832” has a special significance for Longines, as this is the year when the company was established. Many watch companies often create watches in honor of their founding or during the anniversary of their establishment. In the case of Longines, it has created an entire collection in honor of the year when it was founded, called the 1832 Collection. And one of the most popular watches that this collection released was the Longines 1832 Men’s L4.827.4.92.2. Just like the first watch, the Longines 1832 Men’s L4.827.4.92.2 has a transparent case back where you can see the movements that make this watch tick. Most Longines 1832 watches run under the L582 or the L888 movements, which are both in-house movements.  

A Classic Dress Watch With a Modern Look

But it’s not just the movement that makes this watch beautiful and functional. For one, the Longines 1832 Men’s L4.827.4.92.2 has a date window on the three o’clock position showing the current month and day. It also has a round-shaped watch case made from stainless steel and a beige dial that is clean and sleek. The Longines 1832 Men’s L4.827.4.92.2 was crafted with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a brown alligator leather strap that further gives it a classic look. The Longines 1832 Men’s L4.827.4.92.2 also functions using the in-house L888 movement and has a water resistance of up 30 meters. It may not seem impressive, but this watch was not made to be submerged underwater. Rather, the Longines 1832 Men’s L4.827.4.92.2 is a dress watch that is both classic and modern at the same time.


From dress watches and dive watches to chronographs, Longines has so much more to offer in terms of design, quality, and features. There are a lot more Longines watches that you should look out for aside from the ones mentioned in this article. But while Longines is considered to be a mid-tier Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, its timepieces should never be underestimated. Longines is a watch that is gorgeous, stylish, useful, and worth your money, which is why many watch lovers love to have one in their collection.