6 Ways To Protect Your Company’s Applications From Cyber-Attacks

In 2021, cyber security is as important as ever. Threats towards businesses are growing at an alarming rate, which is why having a robust security solution in place is crucial for any company.

Over the years, there have been cases in which businesses have faced significant fines as a result of their system being hacked. Cyber-attacks use malicious code to compromise your computer, logic, or data. They then steal, leak, or hold your data hostage.

With an increasing number of threats, it is an overwhelming amount of risks that cannot be ignored. Whether it is phishing or ransomware, they could all be costly to the livelihood of your business.

Prevention is key to keeping your company and its applications safe from cyber-attacks. If you are looking for ways to protect your company, here are a selection of strategies to implement.

Keep All Software Updated

All of the software, regardless of type, that is utilized by the company and your employees should be updated to the latest version. Any old application can have loopholes. These loopholes could potentially be exploited by hackers entering your company networks to steal sensitive data. They could also use it to launch a cyber-attack and cause a significant amount of damage to both your business and its overall reputation.

On either a weekly or bi-weekly basis, check to see all major software for any updates or new security patches. After checking, ensure that you apply all of the available security patches and updates on all the devices your company uses.

Perform Regular Testing

Aside from ensuring that all of your software is updated to the latest version, it is equally as important to test the overall performance of your applications. The importance of static application security testing is essential to protecting your business. It will help you to uncover areas that are a potential risk to the business, that can are likely to be manipulated by hackers. There are guides, such as the one from For All Secure, which goes into great detail about static application security testing and why companies should undergo regular, meticulous testing.

Enable Data Encryption and Perform Regular Data Backups

One of the most efficient forms of safety against data breaches is data encryption. As it is an effective cybersecurity strategy, it provides you with a significant amount of value to data backup and data encryption. By implementing this strategy, if your company’s sensitive data does fall into the wrong hands, then there would be nothing to lose.

Aside from ensuring that your data is encrypted, make sure that you also backup any sensitive information. This could include private employee information, customer information, as well as any other types of sensitive business data.

Educate Staff On The Importance Of Cyber Security

Regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you operate, you are still vulnerable to cyber-attacks. How do your stay compliant and protected? Begin with educating your staff. Provide them with regular, updated cyber security training to ensure that they are aware of potential risks and ways to stay safe.

Ensure that you tighten up your technology and look for experts who specialize in, protects against, and prevents data breaches from occurring in a business.

Plans In Place In The Even Of A Breach

Having a well-planned and effective recovery plan in place, in the event of a cyber-attack will allow your company to perform a swift reaction to minimize the damage. Included in this thorough plan should be a clearly defined escalation path and prioritizing proactive communication should such an unfortunate incident were to occur.

Invest In Anti-Malware and Firewall Software

Another way to protect your company’s applications from cyber threats is by investing in anti-malware software designed specially to handle the latest malware threats. Anti-malware software is designed to catch and isolate any malware and viruses when they strike. However, it is crucial to prevent such threats from attacking your company’s systems in the first place, which is where having a firewall comes in. Having your network behind a firewall is one of the most effective ways that you can help to defend your business from any cyber-attack. The firewall will block any attacks that are being made on your network, and also on your systems before has the chance to cause serious damage.

The Bottom Line

Ensuring that your company is safe and secure against any cyber threats will require plenty of diligence and the development of a foolproof cyber security strategy. Combine these practices with professional advice and guidance, then your business can effectively address these challenges should they ever occur. In doing so, you can protect your business, as well as those associated with it. It will help protect your finances and also your company’s overall reputation.