Staying Ahead of the Curve with an Affiliate Website Portfolio

Staying Ahead of the Curve with an Affiliate Website Portfolio

Building out an affiliate website portfolio requires the creation and management of multiple websites. Managing a portfolio of sites gets harder as the numbers of live sites grow. It becomes progressively more difficult to juggle the different demands and stay ahead of the curve on what’s required to avoid getting penalized by the affiliate network for a mistake or being hit by a Google algorithm update.

Here are some tips for staying ahead of the implementation curve to avoid the problems that growth brings with it.

Avoid Using Outdated SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization is a practice that changes every month. As a result, techniques that were considered on the edge of good practice a year ago are now unacceptable. For busy entrepreneurs with a portfolio of sites to manage, keeping up with the latest Google algorithm updates, new SEO techniques, and which to avoid becomes too much to handle. At this point, it’s best to seek out SEO Services – Avila Web Firm is a good option here.

With Avila, they have experience with many different clients. Knowing what link building techniques to use and which to avoid are both just as important. A few bad links can destroy previous good link building work and cost rankings in Google for relevant search terms. This makes selecting the right SEO agency even more important than before.

Divide Time Between All Sites to Avoid Leaving Ones Behind

One of the biggest mistakes of niche site builders is to create too many websites. They end up with a portfolio overflowing with sites. There’s too little time in the day. They’re forced to choose where to focus. Some of the lesser sites get left to survive alone without new content, site updates, redesigns or new inbound links to encourage their growth.  A year or two year later, the site owner then either sells the site for small money because they failed to grow it or must start to build up the site again almost from scratch.

Be careful how many sites you’re trying to manage at the same time. Have a team already in place to handle the keyword research, writing, site maintenance, and link building. This way, all sites can get some love and hopefully grow to become important parts of the whole portfolio contributing income and growth over time.

Monitor the Changing Rules of Affiliate Network

Don’t get caught out by the rules changing with the affiliate networks. Whether that means checking emails from Amazon about an updated affiliate agreement or reading notices from Clickbank or; it’s important to keep on top of changes. A change in policy often requires updates to each site that uses a certain affiliate network to avoid falling foul of their new rules. Otherwise, a portfolio owner could find that their affiliate account gets suspended. The same goes for new requirements covering GDPR and advertising networks too.

When managing a portfolio of sites, it’s a different challenge to running one or two small blogs. The logistics become something that you may not have dealt with before. Researching about creating systems to handle the demand of the business is a good idea.