Types of Products You can Transport Through Flexible Packaging

Choosing the perfect packaging for your business is a challenging task. You have to check some of the compulsory things before you pack certain types of products. Good packaging can increase the shelf life. The material should be recyclable and reusable for your customers. 

Now, every company owner needs sustainable packaging. In this way, they do not need to spend too much money on packing materials. If we talk about flexible packaging, then it means that the material can change the shape according to the product. It comes with features like oxygen scavenging, locking the moisture, and controlling the temperature. 

The flexible packaging is made up of materials like polyester, polyvinyl chloride, polythene, etc. When you pick the desired packing, you have to go for the flexible packaging printing process to print your company and product details. In the following write-up, we will discuss different products that you can transport through any flexible packaging. 

1. Packaging Bags

There are different types of bags made up of various materials. It includes paper, non-woven cloth, polythene, BOPP, LDPE, HDPE, PE, and biodegradable materials. Paper bags have become a fashion to carry gifts and valuable items. These are available in different colors, shapes and are durable enough to hold lightweight products. 

The non-woven bags are made up of adhesive and fibers. These are waterproof, and one can carry all the lightweight shopping items. You can use polythene bags to hold medicines, food items, stationery, etc. It is available in different sizes and thicknesses. The waterproof BOPP bags are available with tensile strength and can carry confectionaries, animal feed, and other perishable products. You can pack groceries or stationary in LDPE bags. 

You can buy it from anywhere and store food items. The HDPE is the black disposable bag. You can use them in hospitals, kitchens, restrooms, etc. You can dispose of the garbage in these bags. The PE bags are perfect for carrying packaged items like grains, food, marbles, etc. 

The last one is the biodegradable bag, in which you can hold any item. These bags are eco-friendly, and hence, you can reuse them anytime. These packaging bags are relatively common, and we use them in our daily lives. This type of flexible packing is available.

2. Protective Packaging

This type of packaging is necessary to transport eCommerce or fragile items. It includes adhesive tapes, courier bags, bubble wraps, air bubble pouches, foam packaging, etc. If you want to pack items with adhesives, you can use adhesive tape to lock one or both sides. Many eCommerce companies use courier bags to pack their products and deliver them to their customers. 

In the case of fragile products, the products should be packed in bubble wrap. If the fragile item is small, then you can get a bubble pouch to pack them. If the product needs protection from vibrations and shocks, then foam packaging is the best. You can transport both small and large items. The products will remain protected even if you need to transport them from a long distance. 

3. Flexible Films

There are three types of films available in flexible packaging, BOPP, foil, and stretch. It is easy to stretch the BOPP film manually because it is versatile and is available with barrier properties. You can pack biscuits or do printing lamination with these films. It can be sealed with heat and is a perfect choice for the packaging industry.

The foil packaging is best for packing food items and medicines. It can block microorganisms, light, air, and moisture, which keeps the food fresh in this packaging with preservatives. You can reuse or recycle this film packing. On the other hand, you can use stretch films to seal palletized boxes. It is easy to stretch, and one can bind it on any open container. It is available in different sizes, and you can use these flexible films to protect products in a pouch. 

4. Cartons and Boxes for Packaging

The corrugated roll is available to pack items like electronic appliances, furniture, and other industrial equipment. It is available in different sizes and shapes. Some of its features are elasticity and shock absorption. This type of packaging is ideal for packing big-sized items. 

On the other hand, the corrugated boxes are available in high quality and strength. When your customer gets the product in the box, you can use the packaging for other purposes. You can customize it depending on the size, shape, and type of product.

5. Pouches

You can get pouches with zip locks and stand up. There is no risk of a mess because one can pack and lock anything in the pouch. The air keeps out, and the food items stay fresh. The stand-up pouches can stand upright when you fill them with the stuff. 

The base is strong, and the food item displays well. It is easy to pack any item in these pouches. This type of packaging is available in different sizes. You can keep food grains and seal them tightly. It locks the moisture, and hence, the food will not rot. 

The Bottom Line 

Different types of flexible packaging materials are available for business owners. It is necessary to pack the products properly to safeguard them. There will be no risk of damage when you find good packaging for your business. You can pack different types of products as per the need. The main aim is to deliver the item safely to the customer. In this way, your buyers will become happy and satisfied. 

Before you choose any packaging for your products, make sure that you check the requirements and know what option will be the best for you. It is crucial to spend money on a better type of packaging to earn profit for your business. Make sure that you deliver items in durable, recyclable, and reusable packaging. You can choose from any of the options mentioned here. Take care of your products and customers for your business growth.