How Students Can Deal with Blue Monday

How Students Can Deal with Blue Monday

Ways to survive the winter’s Blues

There are numerous reasons why people feel blue. Students are much more vulnerable right now and can be depressed easily. COVID is making things harder, and students do not know how to react. Some students use custom research paper writing in order to make their Mondays less busy and happier to continue to study well and get excellent grades for essays and dissertations. Blue Monday is a specific day, which is the third Monday of the first month. Some companies take it as the most unpleasant day, which is not valid. There are numerous myths and misconceptions. If you want to know whether this is true or not, you will have to read the entire article.

1. COVID Blues

2020 was a challenging year because people had to deal with a strange disease. All schools got forced to close, and students had to remain home. Most students struggled to keep their mental health in check because they were not used to that kind of life. Some learners fell into depression because it was too much for them to bear. All learners had to attend online classes because the traditional way was impossible. It takes time to adapt to a new system. They had to because there was no other solution. Times can be challenging but taking care of yourself and your mental health is vital. There is no need to put your life at risk when you can avoid stressing yourself.

2. Blue Monday

18th January is a memorable day because it is Blue Monday. Let it not stress you because it is a myth and not the truth. It is a trick that many companies were using to make people purchase products that are not relevant. Now that you know the truth try as much as you can to protect yourself. People get depressed, and they use different methods to heal. It all depends on their traditions.

3. Seasonal Affective Disorder

The Blue Monday campaign got started because numerous people were dealing with seasonal affective disorder. It is a type of depression that gets brought about with different seasons. Never take any depression for granted because it can take you down if you are not careful. You can see the symptoms either during fall or winter. Afterward, the symptoms will go away during the sunny season. Avoid dismissing the symptoms or try to blame them on anything. Seek for health. Most people suffering from depression take time before they accept and get help, do not be one of them.

4. Get Help

If you are struggling in any way, do not wait until it is too late for you to get help. If you spot any symptoms of depression, do not sit down thinking that you will be fine without talking to someone. If you are going through tough times, you are not alone. Everyone is struggling to make ends meet. Whenever you feel down, take a walk and think about positive things. You can also contact the best paper writing services to get a good essay and get a dose of positive from a professionally written essay, it will brighten up your sad Mondays and will not make you depressed. You can choose to exercise a few times a week. If you are not a fan of working out, you can try doing other activities to make you think about other things apart from your problems. You will have to start eating healthily and also avoid skipping meals. If you are hurting too much that you cannot handle it, seek help. When you get service, it will be easy for you to heal.