Ultimate Beginners Buying Guide: What Are Tissot Watches?

Ultimate Beginners Buying Guide: What Are Tissot Watches?

Wrist Watches can complete all outfits, either formal or informal. Aside from earrings and necklaces, it is one of the accessories that you must have to look elegant and classy. Besides its possible contribution to your fashion style, it is also highly functional. It allows you to check the time in just a lift of your wrist. 

If you are planning to buy yourself a watch, the wide range of options can overwhelm you. Nowadays, there are a lot of options to choose from that vary in quality and price.  If you have the budget, you might want to buy a watch under the brand Tissot. It is one of the most famous brands in the market with a proven track record of producing high-quality timepieces. Maybe you haven’t heard of it yet. But if you want to know more about it, then this guide is worth a read. 

History of Tissot watches

The history of any product would tell you of the experiences and challenges it was able to surpass. Tissot watches is a Swiss watch brand. It can reach the pinnacle of success because of years and years of innovation. It even made itself known as the innovators by tradition. 

Early years of Tissot

The founders of Charles-Felicien Tissot and Son were Charles-Felicien Tissot and Charles-Emile Tissot in 1853. It was the original company name of Tissot. They arrived at this name because the business venture was a father-and-son tandem. To manufacture their first watches, they used a small assembly shop in Switzerland. The products they initially crafted were gold pocket watches. These were all offered to other countries, such as the United States and Russia. It was in Russia where the popularity of Tissot tremendously increased. The company was able to forge a strong connection with the country’s locals. That is why it was where the majority of its customers came from. It became well-known in every corner of the country that it reached the court of Tsar Alexander II.

In 1907, the owner of the company decided to put up a factory in Chemin de Tourelles, Le Locle. It became the headquarters of Tissot in providing innovative and high-quality watches around the globe. 

Tissot’s wristwatches for men and women

It was in 1910 that the company was able to manufacture timepieces for women. The exquisite materials and design of these watches caught the attention of their target market. These were of gold and platinum with some diamonds. After its successful release, the company also offered timepieces for men. It was among the first watchmakers who introduced it in the industry.

Tissot manufactured a non-magnetic wristwatch

In 1930, the company made another innovative product that gained significance, namely the non-magnetic timepiece. Many watch enthusiasts thought that its design was common at that time. However, a lot of users still patronize it because of the incorporated technical innovation. 

Tissot merged with Omega

Omega is one of today’s most sought-after brands of a timepiece. So imagine how powerful their fusion was. Through the merging of these two companies, they reached wider customers which means higher sales.

100 years in the watchmaking industry

The company reached its century of existence in the watchmaking industry in 1953. Despite its long years of creating timepieces, it was still the top choice when people would want to buy a watch. Because of the brand’s fame, its closing is not yet in sight.

A leader in introducing innovative timepieces

The company became the leader in creating and introducing one-of-a-kind timepieces in the market. For instance, it manufactured the first tactile watch. And later on, upgraded it into a solar-powered timepiece.  Even today, it is still committed to producing new watches with well-thought features. The company is not going to stay in its comfort zone. It is always on the lookout for opportunities to impress its customers.

Tissot’s current watch collections

The company offers a lot of timepieces. It ranges from automatic with quartz movement to watches with solar cells as the power source. All of which have either stainless steel, titanium, or gold case with unique designed dials.

1. T-Touch

If wristwatches with several functions interest you, then this T-touch will perfectly suit you. Among the timepieces in the market, it is one with the highest functionality. It does not only tell time and date but can also serve as your alarm, compass, thermometer, barometer, chronograph, and altimeter. You can access all of these functions by touching its sensor-equipped watch glass.

2. T-Sport

From the name itself, you can easily tell that this collection is for people with sports, such as diving. You can choose from PRS 516, Tissot Trace, and many more. Unfortunately, most of the watches under this collection are for men and a few are for ladies. 

3. T-Lady

If you want wristwatches with designs purposely made for women, then browse from this collection. It has a wide range of iconic Tissot women’s watches that you can choose from, such as Flamingo, Lovely, and Cera. 

4. Pocket Watch

As opposed to wristwatches that you must strap to your wrist, pocket watches are those you must carry in your pocket. The company still manufactures this kind of watch to honor its craftsmanship and expertise. Some watches in this collection are Lepine and Savonnette. 

5. T-Gold

The collection under T-Gold came from its name. It contains all the gold watches that the brand ever manufactured. So if you prefer gold products, might as well start searching in this collection. You might want to consider the new 18 kt Gold vintage collection that most people consider as the most elegant.

In a Nutshell

From the history of Tissot, you can infer that it has a good reputation and credibility in the industry where it belongs.  While its wide range of collections says so much of the company’s desire to produce improved versions of timepieces. Its products also have promising durability and accuracy that not all brands can offer. And due to its numerous offerings, for sure, you can find the style that matches your person