Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Window Display

Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Window Display

One of the best ways to entice customers into your shop is by having an attractive storefront. This includes spending time creating an eye-catching window display that is going to make people stop what they are doing and taking notice. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are neglecting this step and simply displaying a few products and not think about what it looks like.

Are you not sure where to start with your window display? Here are some tips on how you can improve yours and ensure it is having a positive effect on your business.

Know Your Target Audience

First, you need to think about who your target audience is. For example, if you are selling electronics, your target audience might be gamers. If you are selling stationary, you will want to capture the attention of artists and craft enthusiasts. Define who your target audience is so that you can start to design what you want your window to look like and what products are going to look best there.

Consider Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Everybody concentrates on what is going to be inside the store and displayed at the window. But, have you considered actually decorating the glass itself? This can be a really effective way to capture the attention of people walking by. In particular, self-adhesive cut vinyl can be used to promote your brand and display a message. It is easily attached to the glass and it is designed with the latest computer software. It is custom-made for your needs and you can bring any theming to life.

Prioritise Products at Eye Level

There are going to be main products that you are trying to promote in your window display. So, how do you make them stand out and really be noticed by people walking by? The key is to have them at eye level. This is going to instantly capture their attention and make them look without any hard work or effort. Then, you can have other complementing products around them and in the window display. This will be seen once you have grabbed their attention.

Tell a Story

It is not enough to simply display products in your store window. You want to tell a story and make it enticing to customers. Setting a theme for your display can be a good way to attract customers and make them want to learn more about your brand. Think about the décor you can use around your products, as well as the colours you use.

Follow the Trends

Every year there are different trends when it comes to clothing, electronics and other products. This is going to be something you need to keep up with. You can change your window display to follow these trends and this is going to entice customers in. Your loyal customers are going to come back no matter what is on display. But, you need to work on passers-by and new customers that may have not considered your store before. Showing the latest trends is a good way to grab their attention.

Use Colours to Your Advantage

Did you realise that colours can evoke certain emotions and feelings? There is psychology behind colours and this is something that you can use to your advantage in your store display. For example, orange is often used to express happiness and give energy, while blue is used to create calmness and wisdom. Think about the theme you want your window display to have and use colours that are going to add this type of energy to it. Of course, do not forget to research what all of the various colours mean first.

Do Not Overcrowd

It can be tempting to load as many products as you can into your window display. After all, you want to show off the diverse range of products you have. But, this can be a mistake and what you can end up with is a lot of products that do not match and it can just look like clutter. It can mean that customers do not know what to look at first and instead, it can devalue your brand. This is definitely not something that you want.

Instead, stick to your main products and items that are on-trend right now. Be ruthless and spend time choosing only a few key products that you think will attract customers. Remember, you can change your display often and this is going to allow you to show off a lot of products you are selling.