What are SEO Articles Some Writing Tips

What are SEO Articles? Some Writing Tips

Websites are significant digital marketing tools. Visitors to a site can be customers, potential customers, or people seeking information who may then come back as customers. For this reason, it is very important to make sure that your website is visible on the search engine results page. The efforts to make a website visible or rank high in the search engine results page forms a major chunk of seo and marketing experts’ work in a business, especially an online business. They must ensure that people searching for anything related to their business will come easily across their website when they search on Google or other search engines.

What Are SEO Articles?

SEO articles are articles written with the main goal being gaining more visibility. They also aim to rank high on Google or other search engines for significant keywords. There are some crucial things that must be observed when writing articles to enhance your chances of ranking high. The following are some tips that will enable your articles get better ranking on a Google search results page.

Find Out The Right Keywords

The task of writing SEO article starts with researching for the right keywords. You should do your research on which words or query phrases people use a lot on Google. Then check the frequency of that keyword being sought in a month. This will give you an idea of how competitive the keywords are.

The most frequently used are very competitive and it will be hard to rank high on Google search result page while using them in your articles. You should go for longer phrases or specific ones (long tail keywords) as they are less competitive. These also tend to be very specific to your business, and hence, they will drive relevant traffic to your site. You should come up with a list of keywords that have between 10 and 50 searches monthly, and this will be a great starting point.

Utilize Your Keyword In The Right Way

There has been a big debate on the number of times that a keyword should appear in an SEO article, but that is pointless. The crucial thing is to ensure the keyword appears in the title and somewhere in the first and last paragraphs. This rule is also not final, but you need to use the keyword naturally in the article.

This means that at times it may appear about six times, while in others it may only feature once or twice. You just need to be very natural (organic) and not force the keyword frequency. Most importantly, you must ensure that your article content is relevant to the keyword that you picked and connects with it. You should ensure the keywords fit in naturally into the write-up. Also ensure the site and article are customer-friendly, as ultimately, the site is aimed at the customers you seek to attract.

Write Great & Valuable Content

This is probably the most important of the rules for writing SEO articles. You must write something of value to be outstanding on the Google search result page. Being an expert in your area, you should seek to answer the questions that your customers ask, and this way you will be writing valuable content as you make their lives easier.

The guide here can be the long tail phrases or keywords you came across when doing your keyword research. “How to-” articles are a good starting point as they are easy for the person conducting the search to read and they provide some important information. You should also tailor your article to fit the readers you want to reach. Therefore, you should get to know your target market and expected readers.

Write Articles Of The Appropriate Length

There has been an unending debate about the correct length of SEO articles. The notion that has been prevailing over some time is that shorter articles stand better chances, but this is no longer the case as Google opts for authoritative content. It is worth noting that the most top-ranked articles are about 600 words long. The best guideline is to ensure your article is long enough to cover the subject you are handling sufficiently. Lengthy, but irrelevant, articles are displeasing to both the search engine and the readers (customer).

Most blogs publish articles of different lengths – the majority having 700 to 800 words, and a few long ones ranging between 1000 and 1500 words. Shorter articles are also suitable to form a well-balanced combination of content to accommodate those who do not have time for long articles or simply cannot go through a long article.

However, relying on short articles to be at top spots on Google would be futile, since you have to show your authority in your area to rank high. You wouldn’t go wrong checking out other blogs in your field and finding out what brings success and what does not. Of importance to note is that great content is everything as far as SEO and attracting potential clients are concerned.