Animated Business Cards In Google Search Results - Why Not

Animated Business Cards In Google Search Results – Why Not?

Recently I read a couple of articles and opinions about an interesting test made by Google so I felt intrigued by the topic. We are talking about animated GIF business cards that come out after a proper search. I must say that I noticed this from Mike Blumenthal, but it is Greg Sterling who actually understood that it was a real test. This is why his information is valuable:

I have confirmed with Google that this is a real test. Business Cards are built on the same display functionality as Candidate Cards, launched a few weeks ago.

I tried to Google different businesses in my search for this possible forthcoming feature but the only businesses that have animated cards at the moment are the two mentioned by Greg, nothing else seemed to work. So, if you want to check how this works and looks – you can just search: “a healthy choice spa or escape pod comics and see for yourself.

The most interesting fact, in my opinion, is that this could be the start of a brand new SEO technique that, at least for me, looks like a huge opportunity for everyone wanting to boost their website with an appealing animation.