4 Easy Ways to Generate Awesome Content Ideas

4 Easy Ways to Generate Awesome Content Ideas

Even with a solid content marketing strategy for your business, it can still be difficult to generate customers if your message fails to engage. You may have all the right platforms in your arsenal, but to get people interested in your brand, it matters to develop content that your target audience will find interesting.

Without effective content ideas, you could be wasting time and resources on activities that don’t net results. It takes time to generate content ideas that produce a healthy ROI. Thankfully, there are a few ways to ease the process. You can find inspiration using these five tips:

1. Post a question on Quora

When it comes to fishing for inspiration, Quora can be an incredibly useful resource. Anyone can post questions or provide answers about any topic, so it won’t take you long to find content ideas related to your niche.

The platform is also great for generating ideas from your target audience. You just need to post a question under a specific board so the right people will see it. There’s a chance you might get answers from thought leaders. Just be sure to complete your Quora profile before posting a question.

2. Identify top-performing keywords

Search engines provide a wealth of information about the questions and topics people often search for. When you use the Google search bar, for instance, you get a list of suggestions best suited to your query.

These suggestions are often the top queries that people make, so you might as well include them in your list of content ideas. This also allows you to identify top-performing keywords to use in your SEO strategy.

3. Research your competitors

Apart from following industry trends, taking the time to analyze the content strategies of your closest competitors can help you generate ideas. This doesn’t mean you should be copying exactly what they’re doing, however. You just need to figure out what makes them successful.

From there, you can choose to improve upon their ideas, incorporate them into your content, or provide a fresh perspective. For example, if one of your competitors published an infographic about choosing a mortgage, you can use this same topic and expound on it further through an animated video or a series of Instagram or Facebook stories.

4. Get other people involved

Generating great content ideas for your brand is not for you to handle alone. You also need to involve other people in your business. The diverse opinions you are able to generate can help you zero in on authentic ideas.

You can also ask for suggestions from your friends in the industry or hire a content marketing agency to help you find topics that engage, educate, and influence your target audience. You can also reach out to marketing experts in your industry who can provide in-depth insights on trending topics you can work on.

By using these tips, you can begin to apply the right approaches and get help from the right people to help scale your marketing efforts.