5 Types Of Marketing Every Start Up Owner Should Be Aware Of

5 Types Of Marketing Every Start Up Owner Should Be Aware Of

No matter what field your start-up company is in, you will need to get pretty well acquainted with different types of marketing if you want to stay ahead of the curve and promote your products or services. Marketing can take on many forms, and each marketing field is suitable for a different niche application. Here are 5 types of marketing that you should research before you launch your company into the public sphere.

Brand Ambassador Marketing

Brand ambassadors are some of the most effective mouthpieces for any marketing campaign. Brand ambassadors have been around for a while. The legendary American author Mark Twain was even a brand ambassador for a pen company in the early 1900s! It is the rise of social media influencers that has really exploded the brand ambassador scene. Social media influencers can be used by brands to talk directly to their chosen niche audiences. Visit the Greenfly website to find out how brand ambassador software can help you get a digital edge to better engage with your audience.

Cause Marketing

What is the ethos that your start-up company stands by? Cause marketing aims to connect the ethos of your company to the ethics of your customers. It is a way of letting potential customers know that you share their ethical concerns and beliefs and pursue business in a way that abides by similar benchmarks as they might have in their personal and political lives.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is especially important in the age of the internet, when website visitors can quite happily leave a site if they feel like they are being marketed towards and simply find another place to get their products or information. Content marketing relies upon the creation of genuinely interesting or informative writing and media alongside direct product marketing. Good content marketing builds a relationship with customers by actually giving them what they want to find online.

Meme Marketing

The internet is beholden to memetic media trends. Jokes, subtext and semantic understandings are passed around, magnified and regurgitated by millions of people at a time. The cultural ‘moment’ embodied in a successful meme is often understood as being exploitable by marketers. Unfortunately, meme marketing is prone to misfiring horribly. Internet culture moves at a furious pace, and companies that fall behind can look like cynical and archaic dinosaurs if they fail to grasp the changing of the guard.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is a series of marketing practices aimed at cultivating a genuinely meaningful connection between customers and a brand. Instead of focusing on short term goals like sales and conversions, a relationship marketing strategy relies upon having a reciprocal and mutually beneficial arrangement with audiences. If a relationship is truly mutually beneficial then customers can become brand evangelists: spreading the word about a product or service out of genuine feelings of gratitude. Relationship marketing strategy is aimed towards creating an environment where work of mouth helps cement a brand.