6 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Follow

6 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Follow

The internet is on a daily basis increasing in population, and this includes website owners and content creators, making the internet one of the richest source of information. The best part is that anyone can participate in creating content in many ways, the most common being owning a website.

In that case, it is clear why content marketing has gained quite a significant traction over the years. The issue, however, is that content marketing is evolving as a field, and may easily push you out if you are not keen to master the trends. The following are six content marketing trends worth following up on:

Content Built For Voice Search

It is no secret that voice search technology is taking over the market, with Google Home, Alexa, Cortana, and others, capturing the attention of the audience. With the looming penetration, content creators are beginning to feel the pressure. Since the mobile audience is growing at an insanely quick pace, it is the prime time for creators to look into ways to incorporate voice searches in their material.

Incorporate words and phrases that are more likely to be spoken out more than typed. When sharing your posts, incorporate short forms in your words. You can even try speaking out words, particularly primary keywords. This trend also means using voice search for keyword research.

Increased Value in Content Strategy

For a while, most brands operated with or without a content strategy, but today, having a documented content strategy is paramount for success in content marketing. Ideally, content cannot take a back seat to other marketing agenda.

Other than setting a budget for your content marketing, you must have a clear vision of what your end-goal should look like, and the tactics to get you there. Build a strategy that covers your sharing techniques, platforms involved, frequency, content types, among others. Set a budget for the content strategy, particularly an investment in quality control, for example, high-quality graphic design.

Podcast & Audio Content

It is crazy how the demand for podcasts and audio content have risen. There are thousands of podcasts active online, and the market keeps growing for audio-based content. Podcasts allow for a compilation of documentary series for brands, which is excellent for grounding the audience as well as keeping track of the brand’s growth.

However, you want to be careful in the way to handle a podcast, lest you come up with another long-form and boring radio commercial that no one would find interesting. Take a look at HubSpot as a benchmark for creating high-quality content for your podcast.

Video Content

There is no denying that videos have come a long way, and in 2018, it is evident that the audience craves for video content.

The best part about videos is that they are highly shareable, and quickly capture the attention of people. If your video is entertaining and of high quality, then you stand a chance of keeping your audience on your content long enough. You can embed videos on your website, or open a YouTube channel purposefully for your video content.

Keep your videos as enjoyable as possible, but more importantly, original. Take your time to list down the topic areas of your marketing messages that would make great video content. You want to keep the video content in suitable lengths, that is, not too long to bore the audience, or too short that your audience does not have enough time on your platform.


When Facebook Live was launched, live streaming was still a novel concept, but today, this trend has picked up momentum across different social media platforms. Live streaming has provided a better way for brands to interact with their audiences in real-time.

Unlike video content, live streaming allows for real-time feedback, allowing the audience to experience your brand in a more personal way. As a content creator, take this opportunity to track the viewing trends, which will guide you on the satisfaction of your viewers. It can also act as a great way to launch a new product and make sales while at it.

Augmented Realities

As time goes by, people are more fascinated by fantasies, which is what has made augmented realities an essential part of content marketing today. Movies and games have set the pace in popularizing augmented reality, and upon introduction of this feature on social media platforms, it only goes up from there.

When creating marketing campaigns and sharing visual messages, incorporate AR, and this will skyrocket your message visibility. The trick is to personalize the augmented experience to bring out the best out of your brand’s goal. Be careful that you are not too extreme with augmented realities because you also need to keep your content natural and professional as per your type of business.

Truthfully, content marketing will become even more critical in the years to come. Follow these trends, and for more, visit https://serpbook.com/blog/agency-rank-tracker/.