5 Ways You Can Build Your Online Brand As Well As Your Authority

5 Ways You Can Build Your Online Brand As Well As Your Authority

I tried along in the whole field of entrepreneurship and tried to explore how everything works. One day, after setting up my business and with one month into the market, I went along to check how many people are talking about my brand online.

I was astounded to find that the number of 0. That was when it struck me how important it is to build your online presence right from the get-go and also from scratch.

My customers were online but I wasn’t and that was what was costing me big time. That was the moment I started researching and delved into ways to build my online presence better.

With every aspect of consumers and the target audience residing online, it is self-explanatory why it is important to ensure that your brand has an effective online presence.

I learned the hard way but it didn’t necessarily take me much time to jump on the bandwagon and get my brand’s name out there.

All it takes for healthy and generic growth of the brand on the online platforms are a few key ways that work around like magic.

Since I have been doing this for quite some time now, it did make sense that I passed on what I have learned over the course of time to the ones who are starting out new or have been experiencing setbacks all throughout.

Hope it helps.

1. E-mail marketing

Now, newsletters are the talk of the past. It is an old school marketing method which is not that effective anymore.

Instead, the majority of the marketers and entrepreneurs are making use of the e-mail marketing to get their name and brand presence out there to the target audience.

Mind you, it takes quite some time and a lot of effort to gain a good and lengthy mailing list for implementing effective e-mail marketing strategies but trust me, it works out amazingly.

More and more tools are being introduced and if you wish to know the difference between constant contact and MailChimp, it is important you learn it first.

Having an automated e-mail marketing platform cuts down your time spent on this task too so you can invest it on something else.

But, if you wish to personally reach out to your target audience, start with the e-mail marketing.

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise commonly known as SEO doesn’t necessarily require any kind of separate introduction when it comes to building the brand’s presence and authority online.

Owing to the fact that every prospect of brand visibility is dependent on the search engine rankings, it goes without saying that having a well-optimized content is the key to building your presence and reaching out to more demographics of the target audience.

If you are starting off new, learn the SEO basics for beginners or you can even hire someone qualified and experienced in this field to get the job done for you.

SEO is quintessential when it comes to building your brand’s outreach and visibility, so make sure that you are following the rules and keep yourself updated about the changing algorithms to know what works and what doesn’t.

3. Press Release

Yet another amazing way to build the authority of your brand is to issue press releases from time to time. More than creating your online presence, it is key to building the authority of your brand.

The only thing to ensure is that the press releases you are issuing are for good and valid announcements and notifications and not for every other prospect of the business.

This makes the reason behind this completely void and the audience won’t necessarily take them as something serious and will treat them as mere notifications.

Include different milestones of the brand under the press release, something that’s exclusive and only published under one source.

This is what makes it an important prospect of marketing and to not just create an online presence but more importantly, boost the online authority of the brand.

4. Influencer marketing

This goes without saying that influencer marketing is possibly the most commonly sourced method of building a brand’s online presence.

With the consistent rise in the number of influencers around and the kind of impact they have on the audience demographic, it is not surprising that more and more brands are adhering to this mode of marketing to their names out there.

It is not just mandatory to reach out to the biggest influencers right off the bat because trust me; your bank account won’t necessarily appreciate that at all.

Reach out to the micro-influencers first and that should gain you quite a good chunk of possible audience and customers.

Make sure that you negotiate the prices before finalizing the deals under the influencer marketing.

5. Blogging

The last but not the least is Blogging. I might not be that much of an amazing writer but trust me, including blogs under my brand’s website, has helped channel more traffic back to the website.

In the initial days, I was completely unaware of the power a blog holds and used to not pay much heed to it but now, the tables have completely turned.

Blogs are an amazing resource for the potential audience and if you are trying to channel more and more traffic back to your website, it is a complete no-brainer that you should definitely include a blog.

Leads and other audience tend to want to read more into the services and the associated knowledge around the same before they finally respond to any of the CTA that is on your page.

Make sure the content you are posting is not just relatable but interactive too for the brand to have a better outreach among the target audience.

I might have learned the hard way but it is never too late to start. If you wish to build your brand’s presence where 90% of your consumers are based at, it is time you opt for better choices like the ones I have mentioned above.