Does Google Use Site Authority Signals For New Pages

Does Google Use Site Authority Signals For New Pages?

If you ever wondered if Google uses authority signals for new pages, we now have an answer for you. John Mueller from Google confirmed this fact during the previous week in a Google+ hangout. He confirmed that they are using site wide or site authority in order to determine whether new pages with no page specific signals should be ranked in the search engine, or not.

John states that they try  to understand and acknowledge the web page content and its actual context independently. This is done for the purpose of showing them properly after a search. He adds an example to make everything clear:

So for example, if you add a new page to a website and we’ve never seen that page before, we don’t know what the content and context is there, then understanding what kind of a website this is helps us to better understand where we should kind of start with this new page in search.

So basically, if this information is new to you, of course, we understand from John Mueller’s hangout, that when it comes to ranking both the individuality of the page and also the site overall is important.