Google Will Boost Mobile Friendly Ranking Factors In May

Google Will Boost Mobile Friendly Ranking Factors In May

Do you remember the mobile friendly ranking algorithm that Google launched on the 21st of April 2015? Well, if you do, maybe this information will please you because Google just announced that the algorithm will get a ranking signal boost in the beginning of May.

The announcement was made by Klemen Kloboves from Google who said that they will start to roll out an update for mobile search results that will eventually increase the effect of ranking signals. That way they intend to help Google users to find a bigger number of pages that are actually relevant and truly mobile-friendly.

He said that if a website is already mobile-friendly this future update will not impact it so much. Klemen also added:

The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal – so even if a page with high quality content is not mobile-friendly, it could still rank well if it has great, relevant content. So non-mobile friendly pages can and will still rank, if the query deserves it.

Klemen Kloboves is basically saying that you should test your pages, in order to make sure that they are mobile friendly using the mobile-friendly test tool that can be easily found in Google’s Developer’s web tools.