Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Productivity

Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Productivity

Updates, changes and results in digital marketing is so fast-paced that your team needs tools to keep up, make quick adjustments and increase overall productivity. The World Wide Web has an abundant supply of free or paid tools that will run in one quick download and installation for your revenue squad to optimize as soon as possible.

The right tools for your team to use will depend on your current needs, goals, individual assignments and even budget. You have to find the productivity tools that can help everyone to automate small tasks, free up hours for critical functions, and easily draft insights and reports necessary for meetings and performance reviews.

With these supplementary means, you and your team can keep abreast of the latest developments in digital marketing, focus more on core activities, and reach or even surpass targets. Here is a list of our favorites your squad can benefit from.


Canva is a graphic-design tool website and app that has thousands of beautiful templates, both free and paid, for any type of design needs like promos, social media posts, and newsletters amongst others. This is particularly useful for companies with a small or young digital marketing group without a dedicated layout artist. With this powerful tool, your squad won’t need to craft designs from scratch and drain their cerebral power thinking of one-liners and catchy phrases.


Qwilr is a cloud-based tool for creating and managing aesthetically designed templates like proposals, client presentations, reports, sales quotes, project plans and even invoices. What makes this a powerful tool is its ability to create a customizable template where you can add important elements like photos, videos, spreadsheets and other media, and easily email it to a client who can immediately accept, e-sign and pay within the documents.

Qwilr does more than just creating and sending documents. It also provides reports such as whether the prospect has opened the document, the type of viewed content, for how long and on what device. Additionally, it is fully integrated with other websites or apps including Xero, Quickbooks, Slack, Stripe, Salesforce and Hubspot.


For now, you might be using Hootsuite or Buffer for social media management. But, eClincher provides a more comprehensive suite packed with features and tools other than managing multiple social media profiles. Aside from the usual publishing and scheduling controls, eClincher provides suggested content which uses your keywords to find relevant published content you can automatically share to your feeds from millions of websites.

eClincher can up the ante in your social media management with its brand awareness, social selling and reporting features. It has a tool to recycle posted content to maximize exposure, track numerous content for keywords, hashtags, trends and influencers, and provide advanced analytics to review social media key metrics. This makes it easier for your social media division to do their job effectively.


For a best-in-class project management tool, Freedcamp is certainly a winner with its full suite of project management features that are mostly free of charge. The tool is more than just about monitoring project timelines, work progress, posting new tasks in the task board and online collaboration and discussion with team members. It also offers time tracking entries for team members, client invoicing, file storage and management and CRM to help you keep important information on all of your contacts, including sales leads.

We’ve highlighted only a few of the productive tools to make your digital marketing team efficient. Even employment lawyers would agree that using these tools leads to work-life balance and relieves the need for overtime. Get the above as additions or replacements to your productivity portfolio and expect improvements with your team’s performance.