Why Spam Algorithms Do Not Work As Expected In Some Regions

Why Spam Algorithms Do Not Work As Expected In Some Regions?

We already had a couple of news articles connected to spam but after all, spam is an inextricable part of the SEO sector. The topic of this article comes from this Google Q&A via WebPromo at the end of March. The valuable information again comes from Andrey Lipattsev and the subject matter was raised by Rand Fishkin from Moz.

Rand explained that when traveling around the world for different discussions, the people he meets tell him that although he is speaking more about quality content, spam is still working in some regions. In this way is seems that non-English language based search results from Google appear quite easier to spam despite the fact that spam algorithms are global already. Andrey Lipattsev gives an explanation backed up with an example for Arabic language.

I don’t have up to date data, I know a couple of years ago we looked at Arabic for example, and that disparity was enormous. If I’m not mistaken, the Arabic speaking population in the world is something like five or six percent, maybe more, correct me if I’m wrong. But very definitely, the amount of Arabic content in our index is several orders below that.

To summarize, I can say that just because there is not enough quality language-specific content on the web, Google just serves up the content it can find and as it seems that part of it can be filled with spam.