Do Multiple Title Tags Cause Problems With Google?

Do Multiple Title Tags Cause Problems With Google?

Even if you are the most punctual, hard working and straight to the point SEO out there, you have probably stumbled upon websites written in a disorganized, even chaotic way. The difficult part with those websites is that they need to be sort of ‘cleaned’ in a SEO manner so they can be actually ranked good.

In this article we are going to talk about multiple title tags and by multiple I mean really a lot. I saw a photo with 19 title tags, which gave my goosebumps. Every SEO and webmaster who sees this will want to erase the unnecessary title tags, but the truth is that this is actually not doing any harm.

John Mueller, who is working at Google did confirm that on Twitter in the end of March. John shares our opinion that pages like that do not make any sense for Google but also added something very important:

it doesn’t cause any problems for us, so if you need to use it for something else, go for it!

This fact is not of big importance since nowadays you cannot trick Google with two or multiple title tags, but it is certainly something that is good of knowing.