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Google App Indexing Changed To Firebase App Indexing

If you haven’t noticed until now, Google renamed its App Indexing to Firebase App Indexing. I first noticed this change thanks to Barry Schwartz who spotted it, even before it got announced, on the 18th of May, when Google I/O happened. For those whom are not familiar with the new name, Firebase is a company which […]

DMCA Pirate Algorithm Penalty & Advice From Google

Many sites got penalized during the last few years but at least the people from Google think about the community and share tips and advices on how to improve your site’s appearance. For example, let’s go back in time to 2012 when Google released their DMCA algorithm penalty. This algorithm got updated only once, and […]

The Escalation Process According To Google

For most of the articles posted here I use Google Hangouts with John Mueller. This man is a real well, when it comes to giving out information, various types of suggestions, and good practices. Now, before things get to him they were most probably posted on the Webmaster Forums. More than 50% of the SEO and Google related […]

Google Will Penalize For Sneaky Mobile Redirects

We have a lot of news connected with penalties from Google this month and with this article we will continue the trend. If you are checking Google announcements regularly this will not be any new information for you. Google already warned webmasters about penalties if they are using sneaky mobile redirects in October last year. […]

Google In-Depth Articles Are Back

Did you notice that Google’s in-depth articles dropped out kind of mysteriously at the start of April. If you didn’t, then this article will not give you any new information, but if you missed this search feature, we have something to make you happy. I understood that Barry Schwartz emailed them a lot of times for a […]

Bandwidth Not A Ranking Signal According To Google

As a follow up on our site speed as a ranking signal article from the past days, we havemore information gravitating around the topic, which for some may sound slightly confusing. The information comes from Paul Haahr who is not only an employee at Google, but probably one of the most knowledgeable people around the […]