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60 Clients Penalized Due To Bad SEO Work Ethics

This might as well reach the IT yellow pages, but I stumbled upon an interesting situation noted in a thread on Google My Business Help. It seems that an SEO got pretty angry with Google for suspending 60 of his clients from the local maps listings a.k.a. Google My Business. This was actually his mistake since […]

Do Clicks Influence Google Search Ranking?

Do Clicks influence Google search ranking? Is Google telling the truth about click data and pogosticking, meaning that clicking on a specific search result and then returning to the search results page in a little while influences the search rankings? These questions are not new at all, the debate is running wild, but their answer […]

Google Will Boost Mobile Friendly Ranking Factors In May

Do you remember the mobile friendly ranking algorithm that Google launched on the 21st of April 2015? Well, if you do, maybe this information will please you because Google just announced that the algorithm will get a ranking signal boost in the beginning of May. The announcement was made by Klemen Kloboves from Google who […]

Does Google Use Site Authority Signals For New Pages?

If you ever wondered if Google uses authority signals for new pages, we now have an answer for you. John Mueller from Google confirmed this fact during the previous week in a Google+ hangout. He confirmed that they are using site wide or site authority in order to determine whether new pages with no page […]

Google Act On 65% Of Received Spam Reports

Ever submitted a spam report to Google? Did you think if someone will ever look upon it and actually take some action? Well, we finally have an answer to these questions. Recently, Juan Felipe Rincon from Google gave us some information on the matter and even backed it up with numbers. He shared that: Google […]