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Page Speed And How Google Reacts To It

Page speed is something every webmaster should worry about from the user’s point of view. But is it that disturbing when you look at it from an SEO perspective? Many SEOs look at the speed of a website as something that can really harm or improve the site’s rating. Some SEOs even stress out that the […]

Alt Tags Have To Be In The Same Language As The Page

Localization of web content is getting more and more attention nowadays. This is due to its growing relevance to SEO and anti-spam practices. So, if you ever wondered if alt tags should be in the same language as the content of the web page – you will now get a concrete answer. The explanation comes from […]

Do Multiple Title Tags Cause Problems With Google?

Even if you are the most punctual, hard working and straight to the point SEO out there, you have probably stumbled upon websites written in a disorganized, even chaotic way. The difficult part with those websites is that they need to be sort of ‘cleaned’ in a SEO manner so they can be actually ranked […]

Why Spam Algorithms Do Not Work As Expected In Some Regions?

We already had a couple of news articles connected to spam but after all, spam is an inextricable part of the SEO sector. The topic of this article comes from this Google Q&A via WebPromo at the end of March. The valuable information again comes from Andrey Lipattsev and the subject matter was raised by Rand Fishkin from Moz. […]

Machine Learning Is Used In Spam Algorithms Already

During the previous weeks I saw a lot of posts and articles that confirmed the fact that Google uses machine learning into the spam algorithms already. This was confirmed on Twitter by Murat Yatagan who is a former Google spam fighter. He worked on search quality and spam for several years and was focused on the […]