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Google In-Depth Articles Are Back

Did you notice that Google’s in-depth articles dropped out kind of mysteriously at the start of April. If you didn’t, then this article will not give you any new information, but if you missed this search feature, we have something to make you happy. I understood that Barry Schwartz emailed them a lot of times for a […]

Bandwidth Not A Ranking Signal According To Google

As a follow up on our site speed as a ranking signal article from the past days, we havemore information gravitating around the topic, which for some may sound slightly confusing. The information comes from Paul Haahr who is not only an employee at Google, but probably one of the most knowledgeable people around the […]

Page Speed And How Google Reacts To It

Page speed is something every webmaster should worry about from the user’s point of view. But is it that disturbing when you look at it from an SEO perspective? Many SEOs look at the speed of a website as something that can really harm or improve the site’s rating. Some SEOs even stress out that the […]

Different Algorithms Can Impact You In A Different Way

Let us start with that – not every algorithm should have a negative impact on your site. After the release of Google Penguin 3.0, which happened 18 months ago we read a lot of opinions where users stated that they are basically doomed. No matter how extreme are algorithms like Penguin or Panda, you can […]

Footer Not Seen As Primary Content But Still Penalized

Footer and boilerplate content have been discussed and covered quite a lot but it seems that we have to mention them again. The man responsible for that is John Mueller as he again brought the topic up while answering a question in a Google Hangout. This happened on the 15th of April on Google+. According […]

Redirecting & 404-Ing Products That Are Not Available Any More

In addition to our redirects article we have some more information on the topic to share with the public. The main point is what do we actually do with products that do not exist any longer. This is not a new problem since a video was posted in March, 2014 by Matt Cutts who shared the official Google […]

How Are Redirects Like 301, 302, 307, And Others Being Handled?

Redirects have always been a gray area and a lot of us have been thinking about how they are handled by Google. A month ago John Mueller from Google promised some more information as he was going to dig deeper into the topic. How Google handles 302 redirects, especially, raised a debate among the SEO society and […]

Alt Tags Have To Be In The Same Language As The Page

Localization of web content is getting more and more attention nowadays. This is due to its growing relevance to SEO and anti-spam practices. So, if you ever wondered if alt tags should be in the same language as the content of the web page – you will now get a concrete answer. The explanation comes from […]