Capital Letters in URLs Do Not Influence Google Rankings

Capital Letters in URLs Do Not Influence Google Rankings

You might probably be not aware that (sometimes) searching in uppercase vs lowercase letters returns (used to return) different SERPs as seen from this article.

However, more recently, John Mueller from Google said that it doesn’t matter whether you use uppercase or lowercase letters in your URLs as this has no influence on Google rankings.

The “debate” arose in this post on Google Webmaster Help’s forums and John Mueller as well as former Google employee Pedro Dias said simply “no”, that the case of the letters in the URLs does not influence rankings on the SERPs of Google.

Previously, there was speculation that the use of capital letters in your URLs might result in two things:

  1. Search engines actually putting an emphasis on your URLs because of the uppercase letters (though this was never 100% confirmed).
  2. Your URLs standing out to Internet “surfers”.

Well, we now know that the first one is not true for sure, but there might be some truth to the second one. I don’t know, what do you think?