Escalation Process According To Google

The Escalation Process According To Google

For most of the articles posted here I use Google Hangouts with John Mueller. This man is a real well, when it comes to giving out information, various types of suggestions, and good practices. Now, before things get to him they were most probably posted on the Webmaster Forums. More than 50% of the SEO and Google related information that we discuss is taken from there.

But where is the connection? The person who saves the day is again John Mueller who, in the beginning of May explained on Google+ how a topic on the forums gets escalated to a person from Google. It seems that the most active users of the forum have a kind of connection with Googlers since they are the people that escalate it higher. John also added that:

And usually what happens there is that the top contributors, rising stars, the more active people in the forums, they’ll take these threads. And if they can’t figure it out on their own they’ll escalate them to us and, someone on Google’s side will get back to them and say, oh, they have to do this, this, or this.

So, if this is not evidence of a strong community, that is helping out each other, I don’t know what is.