Google App Indexing Changed To Firebase App Indexing

Google App Indexing Changed To Firebase App Indexing

If you haven’t noticed until now, Google renamed its App Indexing to Firebase App Indexing. I first noticed this change thanks to Barry Schwartz who spotted it, even before it got announced, on the 18th of May, when Google I/O happened. For those whom are not familiar with the new name, Firebase is a company which was acquired by Google in 2014. It creates products that help software developers build web and mobile applications.

The good thing about it is that the code base is basically the same, so if you want your apps to be included you don’t have to do anything new. Nevertheless, some new features were announced and explained by Mariya Moeva on Google+:

We’ve taken your feedback on board and redesigned the App Indexing docs! Check them out in their new home in Firebase:

  1. Case studies featured front and center on the homepage.
  2. Lots more code samples and codelabs linked from the docs.
  3. My new favorite feature: search preview! Enter a web URL or an app URI of an app that uses the API and see the magic.

Positive feedback for the search preview is widespread and you can also find the full documentation here.