Top Network Marketing MLM Companies to Join

Top Network Marketing MLM Companies to Join

Network marketing MLM companies get a lot of bad rep for being predatory. However, when you have the drive, ability, and motivation to succeed, joining an MLM company is no different from starting your own business.

Once you have a solid foundation, MLM companies offer financial freedom, residual income, and a range of income opportunities. The choice of which MLM company to join depends on several factors, including costs of entry, commission rates, and quality of training.

Here are 5 of the top network marketing MLM companies to consider joining.


Amway Global is rated as the best direct selling company in the world by credible review sites such as Forbes and With an annual revenue of 9 billion USD every year, Amway operates in more than 100 countries and has almost 4 million distributors across the world.

Its products fall under the beauty, health, and wellness category. Some of its more popular offerings are the Nutrilite multivitamins, organic household cleaners, and Artistry line of cosmetics.

Some of the benefits of joining Amway are the following:

  • The company is very stable, with more than 60 years of history behind it as well as billions of dollars in annual sales.
  • They have an outstanding product line. If you want to be in the MLM business, you should be ready to stand behind the quality of the products you’re selling. Amway products are highly rated and of good quality.
  • As a member, you’ll receive excellent training materials and opportunities to ensure the success of your business. Their brochures and information packs are comprehensive and professional. They won’t make you feel embarrassed when you bring them out in front of your customers.


Avon originated from an idea that door-to-door salesmen can earn more money when they sell perfumes instead of books. Half a century later, the company offers some of the biggest self-employment opportunities across the world.

With its network of 6 million representatives, Avon’s cosmetic products are peddled mostly by women who want to make more money on their own time. The company allows customers to shop in the comfort of their own homes through their catalog model.

Here are some great reasons to become an Avon representative:

  • Avon doesn’t only provide extensive training opportunities; it also offers sales predictions and estimates of the number of customers in any given area.
  • You gain access to an extensive variety of promotional materials and marketing tools, including the chance to earn more online with your own referral link.
  • The maximum commission you can earn from campaigns is 50 percent.


Herbalife is a huge MLM company that sells products in the health and wellness category including supplements and beauty products. They earn billions of dollars in revenue annually and are legally incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

Here are some of the advantages of working with Herbalife:

  • The company has seen a lot of successes in the past four decades since its incorporation. Despite the lawsuits and controversies, it remains to be one of the biggest MLM companies in the world.
  • The company offers a one-year refund policy for its distributors.
  • They have several high-profile celebrity endorsements.


Vorwerk is a German company that’s been around since 1883. Probably the oldest existing company with a direct selling model, Vorwerk has created for itself a stable position in the MLM industry. They sell a variety of household products from vacuum cleaners to food processors.

Vorwerk operates in more than 70 countries and has more than half a million distributors across the world. The company is also affiliated with Jafra Cosmetics and together, both companies report yearly revenues in the billions.

On top of commissions from sales, Vorwerk also offers a range of income opportunities to their distributors. This includes apprenticeships and internships within the company.


Infinitus is based in Asia and is one of the leaders in the region when it comes to direct sales. The company promotes and sells Chinese health products.

Founded in Hong Kong by a food-based company, Infinitus offers products that are designed to promote health, wellness, and disease prevention. Products are natural and are made from traditional ingredients that are specifically intended to enhance overall health.

Members can earn up to 25 percent of a product’s market price as commission. The company also offers a range of performance, leadership, and growth rewards.


Joining a network marketing company alone won’t make you rich. Being successful at MLMs involves commitment and hard work, like any other business venture.

More importantly, you need to choose a reliable company that aligns with your personal interests and business goals. Remember that you need to believe in the products you’re selling before you can sell them to other people.