Rich Cards Section Added To Google Search Console

Rich Cards Section Added To Google Search Console

We noticed that a new section was added to the Google Search Console and it was officially announced by Google on the 17th of May. It can be found under the Search Appearance section and is called “Rich Cards”. In this section Google will show you various data concerning your rich snippets, AMP, schema, App Indexing and various other options on enhancing your search listings in Google.

At first sight it looks like a new form of rich snippets resembling a lot the AMP carousel articles. At the moment, it is available only for movie and recipe web sites and can be viewed only on mobile for English users on Of course it should expand soon.

More information on the matter is seen outside of Google’s Search Console description:

Fix errors in your rich cards or enhance your cards with additional data. Rich cards are a good way to provide data to Google Search about events, products, or opportunities on your website. Rich card data can be displayed to users in a variety of formats on different devices, and can help drive traffic to your website.

It will be always a plus to know what can you do on your page in order to achieve better ranking on Google.