Google Will Eventually Add Voice Search And AMP Reporting To The Console

Google Will Eventually Add Voice Search & AMP Reporting To The Console

We have all seen hundreds of movies where in the future everything is controlled by the human voice. Nowadays we can use our voices to navigate more and more appliances. It seems that the people from Google do not want to fall behind and want to use the most innovative trends out there. Don’t get too excited though! Nothing has been announced yet. I just cover what John Mueller said in a Google hangout from the 6th of May on Google+. John mentioned that they have talked and intend to break down voice search and AMP traffic in the Google Search Analytics report. He said that:

I don’t know what the exact plans are there but we have discussed something like that. To kind of make it easier to pull out what people have used to search on voice and what people are using my typing. Similar how we have desktop and mobile setup separately. I think some of that might be trickier because in practice voice queries are more long form, they’re more like sentences and real questions.

As for the AMP John added that:

We are looking into two ways that we can include more information on things like is something shown as an AMP page or not in search analytics. Because at the moment that’s kind of tricky where we fold things together with the canonical URL and you kind of see the secondary effect of analytics being tracked for those AMP pages.

It seems that from now on we can only hope these features to be be included sooner rather than later.