Google Act On 65 Percent Of Received Spam Reports

Google Act On 65% Of Received Spam Reports

Ever submitted a spam report to Google? Did you think if someone will ever look upon it and actually take some action? Well, we finally have an answer to these questions.

Recently, Juan Felipe Rincon from Google gave us some information on the matter and even backed it up with numbers. He shared that:

Google gets about 7 million bits of spam reports a month, of that 35,000 of them are user generated or submitted and Google takes action on 65% of those user generated spam reports.

Another question immediately pops out – why don’t they take action on all of the reports? The answer from Juan was that not all of them are actually spam.

80% of them are spam but only 65% require manual action, 20% are not spam and I guess they are not impacting the search results due to algorithms or already have manual actions.

We have heard opinions that Google would prioritize specific generated spam reports from users that had proven themselves to be quality members that do submit solid spam reports but we can never be sure of that. The fact is that Google takes a look at the impact, the website, the different sites owned by the webmaster and after that comes the manual action that they will take.