How To Quickly & Easily Find High Authority Twitter Accounts

How To Quickly & Easily Find High Authority Expired Twitter Accounts

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world right next to Facebook and Google+ so it’s no surprise that the social signals coming from the short messages platform are really strong when compared to fellow social networks.

Said social signals are even stronger if they are coming from a higher authority Twitter profile. Today, I will show you how you can quickly and easily find such expired Twitter accounts (PA 50+) and re-register them for use at your will.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to find high authority expired Twitter accounts – I will show you, step by step, how you can find some really nice high authority expired Twitter profiles.
  • How to re-register the expired Twitter accounts – gaining control over the accounts you found and like from the first section.
  • How to prevent your Twitter accounts from getting suspended – things you need to be aware of in order to not get your brand new high authority Twitter accounts suspended.
  • Summary – in a nutshell…

Finding High Authority Expired Twitter Accounts – Step By Step Tutorial

This tutorial will be very quick and easy because all you are going to need in order to execute it properly is Scrapebox and some proxies – that’s it. Now, you might not even need proxies, but as of the time of the writing of this tutorial, Scrapebox’s user server proxies are very bad and I can’t basically scrape anything with them.

So, for this tutorial I will use a bunch of my own dedicated proxies from BuyProxies (our review and tutorial) to get the job done. As for the steps to finding high authority expired Twitter accounts, there’s basically 3:

  1. Scraping.
  2. Checking for availability.
  3. Checking for authority.

And that’s it. Let’s start with the scraping.

Step #1: Scraping For Potential High Authority Expired Twitter Accounts

Go ahead and fire up your Scrapebox instance and import your proxies into it. Then come up with a bunch of keywords, preferably relevant to the niche you want the expired Twitter accounts to be in, and save them to a file. Just for reference, here are the keywords I will use for this tutorial:


Once you have prepared your keywords, paste them into Scrapebox’s harvester and then enter the following string in the above text input right next to the “M” button: “”, just like that:

Scrapebox Scraping For Expired Twitter Accounts Harvester Settings

At this point you are basically ready to begin the scraping process. For reference, I imported 100 dedicated proxies from BuyProxies and set the harvester connections to 10 so they don’t burn out. Then I let it rip.

With this little keywords, it didn’t take long before Scrapebox’s harvester finished its job. Actually, it took less than a minute – 25 seconds:

Scrapebox Scraping For Expired Twitter Accounts Harvester Finished

Now, close the harvester and remove all duplicate URLs from the harvested URLs section. If you remember the finding high authority expired Web 2.0 accounts tutorial, you’d know that we also trimmed to root there, but in this case, we cannot do that as the usernames are appended to the domain name.

Step #2: Checking The Twitter Accounts For Availability

At this point, I have 17,185 Twitter URLs most of which will probably still be taken, however, there will be those that will be available and I want to find them. They way I do that is by using the Vanity Name Checker add-on of Scrapebox.

So copy all the URLs to your clipboard, then fire up the Vanity Name Checker and paste in the URLs there:

Scrapebox Scraping For Expired Twitter Accounts Vanity Name Checker Step

Then go to “Definitions” and tick only the Twitter option. I set the settings of the add-on to 100 connections and let it rip. It will take a while since there are a lot of URLs, but in the end, you will be able to export only the available Twitter accounts.

Now, among the available Twitter accounts, there might be some URLs that are not of Twitter profiles and you want to remove those before the next step. After I did that, I ended up with a total of 49 available expired Twitter accounts. Now let’s check their authority.

Step #3: Checking The Authority Of The Available Twitter Accounts

For this step, you will need another Scrapebox add-on – Page Authority. You will also need a Moz account and an API key, but don’t worry, you can get that for free. Just head over to and register a new account and then generate your free API key.

After you have it, simply import your Access ID and Secret Key it into the “Account setup” menu of the Page Authority add-on and you are ready to roll. Load the file with the available Twitter accounts and fire up the add-on.

It will take a while depending on the number of URLs you have for checking because the free Moz API key allows you to check one URL per 10 seconds. The end result:

Scrapebox Scraping For Expired Twitter Accounts Page Authority Finished

As you can see, I have discovered a total of 11 high authority expired Twitter accounts. Their PA should be more than enough to incline you to re-register any of these profiles, but you can go the extra mile and check their backlink profiles on both Moz and Majestic – I know I did it for IHWGlasgow and it looks like a decent Twitter account that was related to the medical niche.

Re-Registering The Available Expired High Authority Twitter Accounts

After you take a look at the high authority Twitter accounts that you found from this tutorial, all that’s left to do is re-register them – and that’s easy. You simply head over to Twitter and you register a new account with the exact same username, just like that:

Successfully Registered An Expired High Authority Twitter Account

And there you have it. I am now the proud owner of a 50.51 PA Twitter account. Congratulations to me. You can simply do the same thing for all the other high authority Twitter accounts that you found and in no time you will own your very own network of high authority Twitter profiles – manage it responsibly.

You can use a software such as FCS Networker (our review and tutorial) to import all your high authority Twitter accounts and then post and/or schedule posts automatically to them from within the software – as opposed to doing the same thing but manually.

Preventing Your Twitter Accounts From Getting Suspended Again

Since you just got control over your brand new high authority Twitter accounts, you don’t want them to get suspended and get into the hands of another expired social bookmarking profiles hunter. As per the guidelines of Twitter, there are 3 main reasons an account gets suspended:

  • Spam – this is the most popular reason and basically means that an account looks spammy and/or fake and poses security risks for Twitter and all of its users.
  • Account security is jeopardized – if an account is suspected by Twitter that it has been hacked or compromised, it may be suspended until its real owner gets back control of it.
  • Abusive behavior – an account might get suspended if it is violating Twitter Rules surrounding abuse. This includes the sending of threats or the impersonation of other accounts and may result in a temporary or permanent suspension.

Of course, the thing you need to worry about the most is the first one – spam. Now, on Inet Solutions’ Twitter Account, I have been blocked a couple of times for replying too many times in one day. What I do is use FollowLiker to reply to all recent tweets containing my target keywords with a link back to an article I recently published and am promoting.

If you overdo that, you will get reported and blocked temporary. Good thing is that I haven’t been suspended ever yet, and I do a lot of stuff on that Twitter account. But you have to be really careful with your Tweets. Important notes to not get your account suspended:

  • Don’t spam too much – Twitter is certainly one of the most “spam-friendly” social platform, but they also have a threshold and if you pass it, you will get suspended. For instance, it just isn’t natural for a brand new account to have 10,000 tweets and replies in its first day.
  • Don’t follow/unfollow too aggressively – again, Twitter is much more friendly in this regard as well, but performing these two too aggressively might get you temporarily blocked/suspended and if you take no action on it, the account will be suspended permanently.
  • Avoid duplicate content – I mean sure there will be some duplicates, but make sure you add variations to your Tweets. For instance, when I respond to other people’s Tweets, I have prepared around 10 different unique responses in order to mix it up.
  • Don’t get blocked by too many people – if you are spamming way too much and you get blocked by a lot of people, there is a chance that your account will get suspended. So be careful and mind the amount of people blocking you.


So there you have it guys. In about 20 minutes of work, using only Scrapebox and some private proxies, I found 11 high authority expired Twitter accounts and re-registered one just to show you how easy it is. Good thing is that Twitter still doesn’t require cash for the re-registration of its dead accounts like some Web 2.0 sites do, which is great news.

As for the suspension, you need to be careful, especially when the account is still brand new. While Twitter is certainly quite tolerant of spam, it does have its thresholds and if you go over them, you will be in trouble. #FindingHighAuthorityExpiredTwitterAccounts