It Takes Some Time For Spam To Be Removed - Even For Former Google Employees

It Takes Some Time For Spam To Be Removed – Even For Former Google Employees

Removing Spam looks like an easy task that should not require much time, but as we see in our everyday work, it really takes some time for Google to remove spam entries. If you ever thought that this delay is concrete for you and your clients – delete this thought as even former Google employees have to wait a certain amount of time for their requests to be resolved.

A couple of weeks ago we saw a post on Google+ where former Google employee Natalie Glance commented on a spam issue in the search results. Natalie worked as an Engineering Manager at Google for almost eight years so you would expect that she should get exceptional service and help.

The post had aimed at the search keywords “learn Spanish” which results in one company, even one website, taking the first and second top places in the search ranking. Natalie did receive an answer from her former colleague Todd Underwood on the 6th of April who replied with “I’ll filed it”.

We do not have any evidence if he did or not, but the fact is that these duplicate listings still exist in the search results. This example shows different URLs and templates indicating to one company and website. So, even if you are waiting a lot for a spam removal request, do not worry, everyone has to wait.

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