Niche Relevant Backlinks With GSA SER - Case Study

Niche Relevant Backlinks With GSA Search Engine Ranker

Most people who use GSA Search Engine Ranker utilize verified site lists and it’s for a reason. With verified site lists, you can achieve significantly higher verification success rates which respectively leads to higher VpM and much more backlinks built in a day. However, there is one tiny “issue” with this scenario – are the backlinks created relevant to your niche? Let’s test this and find out.

What You’ll Learn

  • Quick intro to niche relevant link building with GSA SER – is there really such a thing? What are some common problems to this approach? Is it really more efficient than using verified link lists?
  • Testing niche relevant link building with GSA Search Engine Ranker – a case study that will test the niche relevant link building capabilities of GSA SER. I will basically set up a project that will try and create only niche relevant backlinks and then I will share the created backlinks with you.
  • Building niche relevant GSA SER verified link lists – while all backlinks can be strong, niche relevant ones are far more effective. In this section, I will show u how u can create your very own niche relevant verified link lists that you can later easily use to achieve those high efficiency rates provided by regular GSA SER verified site lists.
  • Summary – a few words to wrap this up…

Niche Relevant Link Building With GSA SER?

Thing is, GSA Search Engine Ranker (our tutorial and honest review) has options to help you set up projects that create niche relevant backlinks in the face of the:

  • Always use keywords to find target sites option in the “Options” tab of your project.
  • At least “x” keywords must be present on “anywhere” option again in the “Options” tab, where “anywhere” can be any of the following:
    • Visible text on site
    • Meta keywords
    • Meta description
    • Title
    • Domain
    • URL

Obviously, the second option is the one that will have the biggest impact on the level of relevance the backlinks created by your projects have. The more strict you are with it, the more relevant the backlinks will be. So, setting this option to “anywhere” will be the weakest niche relevance option, while setting it to “Title”, or even “Domain” or “URL” will be the strongest. And if you increase the number of keywords required to be present on the target URL to something like 3 or even 5, then you have yourself a really strict niche relevant GSA SER project.

For those unaware of which keywords will be searched for, it is the ones that are found in the “Keywords” field of the “Data” tab of your project. So if any of those keywords that you have there match the settings that you select for the above option, GSA SER will try to create a backlink on that target URL.

However, there is one problem even if you set your project to the strictest settings for niche relevance and that is the fact that most GSA SER target URLs have been spammed into oblivion. As you probably know, the majority of Search Engine Ranker users utilize only GSA Captcha Breaker (our tutorial and honest review) or Captcha Sniper for their captcha solving needs which are more massively used captcha solving software, so to speak.

This means that most of the target URLs that GSA SER can post to using only those captcha solving software most probably are heavily spammed with all kinds of irrelevant content. The point I’m trying to make is that even if you set GSA SER to look only for an extremely niche specific keyword in only the domain name of each target URL, there is a chance that the domain itself will still not be fully relevant to your niche because some Search Engine Ranker newbie might have posted irrelevant backlinks on that website already.

The good news is that, for most GSA SER engines, the software will create a “standalone” profile on the target site making it somewhat of a sub-site on the main website which is still some sort of niche relevance. Think of it as a Web 2.0 site. Web 2.0 sites have many blogs with many different niches, but each individual blog can be regarded as niche specific website on its own.

So niche relevant link building with GSA SER is kind of a grey area for now unless you add in a second captcha solving service for those hard-to-solve captchas that the masses don’t solve and so don’t post on. Then you might get your hands on a few great niche relevant target URLs. And that is exactly what I want to test in the next section.

Case Study: Niche Relevant Backlinks With GSA Search Engine Ranker

In this case study, I will test the niche relevant link building capabilities of GSA Search Engine Ranker by setting up a more specific project than the usual ones that make use of verified site lists. Here’s how it’s gonna go down.

Preparing The Stage

I will create a new project and then I will generate content for it using Kontent Machine (our tutorial and honest review) and Spin Rewriter (our tutorial and honest review). Once generated, I will import said content into the project. The “Keywords” field will be filled with keywords generated by Kontent Machine, however, usually, those are not exactly niche specific.

So, I will replace them with just three keywords that are strongly relevant to the webpage that I will be building backlinks to:

  1. Millionaire
  2. Millionaire mindset
  3. Success

Then I will set a standard anchors distribution for a Tier 1 project of 10%, 50%, 20%, and 20% respectively for exact, partial match, and LSI keywords, branding anchors, generic anchors, and naked URLs:

Niche Relevant Backlinks With GSA SER Project Data

The next thing I would do would be to go to the “Options” tab of the project and uncheck the “Use URLs from global site lists if enabled” option. Then I will select only the Google US search engine from the table above that option meaning that this project will scrape on Google to find niche relevant target URLs to the three keywords from above.

I would also check the “Always use keywords to find target sites” option which will force GSA SER to use only my three keywords to find target URLs to post backlinks to. A little bit below in the “Filter URLs” section, I would check the “At least ‘1’ keywords must be present on ‘anywhere'” option, because if just one of my three keywords is found anywhere on the webpage, it is good enough to post to:

Niche Relevant Backlinks With GSA SER Project Options

Again, you can be much more strict here as I mentioned a little bit earlier, but for this example, I have decided to leave things a little more loose so that more backlinks could be created for you to see different scenarios.

And that’s about it for the niche relevant GSA SER link building campaign. Then I just import a fresh account from Yahoo and the project is good to go. One thing I forgot to note is the fact that if you could use a human written article instead of the one generated by Kontent Machine and WordAI or Spin Rewriter, it will be much better for the quality of the campaign as you can see from this article.

Finally, I will select all engines except for the ones that require a video and the Web 2.0 engines since the backlinks created on them are always niche relevant if you set up the blog about content of your project right and then I will add 30 dedicated proxies from BuyProxies. Now let’s run the project and see how this goes.

Case Study Results

I let the project go for a full day out of which for 8 hours it was only creating contextual backlinks (Article, Directory, Wiki) and created a total of 4 backlinks, and for the remaining 16 hours, I had it use all of the engines from the above screenshot. Here is a breakdown of the backlinks created in those 24 hours:

Niche Relevant Backlinks With GSA SER Overview Of Created Links

As expected, most are blog comments, because there is just much more content that could have matched my 3 keywords, even though it is not 100% certain that the target URL will be niche relevant as we already mentioned.

Now, as I looked through the created backlinks, I really wouldn’t call them niche relevant – not even close. Of course, if we take into account the fact that GSA SER created profiles on some of the targets and then posted an article on that profile i.e. a niche relevant “sub-site” onto the website, then yes, we do have some low level of niche relevance, which is still decent.

Here are the backlinks that were created in this case study for those interested in checking them out for themselves:

GSA SER Niche Relevant Backlinks Test

I want to note that I’m not saying that it is impossible to create niche niche relevant backlinks with GSA Search Engine Ranker (in the general sense of the word), but I just wanted to test that. I’m sure that there might be some right configuration of niche, keywords, and options that will get better results and I’d love to hear about it.

Building Niche Relevant GSA SER Verified Site Lists

Basically, to build somewhat niche relevant GSA Search Engine Ranker verified link lists, you will have to follow this tutorial, but with the following changes in the strategy:

  • You will have to insert your own keywords on the “Data” tab of each verified links builder project i.e. the keywords that you want the target URLs to be relevant to.
  • You will have to enable the “At least ‘x’ keywords must be present on ‘anywhere'” option on the “Options” tab for each verified links builder project. Of course, play with this option’s settings.
  • You can also use search engines to find target URLs instead of harvesting with Scrapebox, but that is more a personal preference.

And that’s basically it. You will then be able to create somewhat niche relevant GSA SER verified site lists, but again, the results will strongly vary depending on your configuration, captcha solving software, number of irrelevant backlinks that were created on the niche relevant sites that you want to place links on, etc.


In the end, building niche relevant backlinks with GSA SER (in the general sense of the word) is a highly unlikely event. Again, that is not to say that it is impossible. But with all the GSA SER users out there that are blasting irrelevant links by the second, it will be a real black swan if you actually do get some decent niche relevant backlinks.

And if you actually do get them, they will only be a few which will just kill the whole purpose of GSA SER – automatic and massive link building. So for now, just stick to high quality link building with GSA SER and good not-so-spammed verified site lists.