Never Purchase Another Email For Your GSA SER Projects

SEOSpartans Ultimate Tutorial & Honest Review – The Catch-All Email Service You Need

If you are, like me, into GSA Search Engine Ranker link building, then you know that you need fresh email accounts for each new project. If you use the same email accounts for many projects, then don’t wonder at all why your VpM is so low and why you are not creating any backlinks with your GSA SER.

I know that from personal experience as in the beginning, I was trying to save a few bucks by re-using email accounts all over my GSA SER projects. And of course, after a few weeks of ineffectiveness, I knew that I had to use fresh emails on each project.

However, purchasing new emails constantly is not the cheapest of things. I mean a few months ago I was buying POP3 enabled Yahoo accounts at $14 per 1,000 from BuyAccs, but currently the price has gone up to $40 per 1,000 emails which is putting this fresh new emails for each project thing to a stretch.

The good news is that there’s an easy fix to this problem – SEOSpartans. SEOSpartans quite simply provide you with catch-all emails i.e. emails that have many “variations” and can be used in many projects at the same time without worrying about ineffective campaigns.

What You’ll Learn

  • Quick intro – what catch-all emails are and how they can save you some money not only in the GSA SER business, but in any endeavour that requires fresh email accounts from you.
  • SEOSpartans case study – I will test the catch-all emails from SEOSpartans to see if the will perform as well as Yahoo emails and then publish the results here.
  • SEOSpartans honest review – I will share with you my honest opinion of this online marketing service.
  • Conclusion – in a sense…

Quick Intro

First of all, for those unaware, let me explain what a catch-all email is. Basically, a catch-all email account is an email address that will receive all messages that are sent to any incorrect email address on a certain domain. For instance, you can set up an email – [email protected] – and it will catch every single email that is sent to any incorrect email address on the domain.

Now, this gives us a lot of power, especially in terms of GSA SER where you need unique email accounts for each registration on a website. Basically, catch-all emails allow you to have just a few emails but still register multiple unique accounts on the many websites that your GSA Search Engine Ranker projects will post backlinks on.

So the 1,000 Yahoo emails that you would previously buy can be easily transformed into 5 – 10 catch-all emails that will basically do the same job – if not even better and I will show you why.

And I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t take much for our GSA SER campaigns to burn through these 1,000 Yahoo emails. I mean, with all the orders coming from our Fiverr account and from our GSA SER services listed here on our website, I have to constantly stock on fresh emails or the projects we run will be ineffective and I can’t have that on my hands.

Thus the switch to catch-all emails. To be honest, I was aware of this approach, but I really didn’t need to do it until the rise in projects and email accounts price in the last few months. So, a few days ago when I was approached by John from SEOSpartans, the timing just couldn’t be more perfect as I was already looking for a solution to this very problem.

Now let me show you SEOSpartans’ catch-all emails in action.

SEOSpartans GSA SER Catch-All Emails Case Study

The timing was even more perfect as I was just about to release a new set of our GSA SER Verified Site Lists Of The Gods and, as always, I do a real-time test to show what each new set of link lists can do.

After John gave me access to SEOSpartans’ “Master” plan, which comes with 10 unique catch-all emails, I simply imported them into my GSA SER verified site lists tester projects and run them in comparison to the regular tests I do with Yahoo emails. Here are the results from the case study.

GSA SER Yahoo Emails Test Results

The regular tests I do basically include 7 projects, 4 of which have all engines selected and 3 of which have only contextual engines selected. I run all 7 projects for an hour, taking note of the VpM and verification success rate and then I look at the backlinks created during the test. Here are the results from the tester projects with 1 fresh Yahoo email imported into each project, starting with the VpM after 60 minutes:

Inet Solutions GSA SER Verified Site Lists Of The Gods Preview VpM 60 Minutes

And here is the breakdown of the backlinks that were created in those 60 minutes:

Inet Solutions GSA SER Verified Site Lists Of The Gods Preview Backlinks Breakdown

As you can see, quite the normal stats for our awesome GSA SER link lists. If you are wondering why there are only 39 submitted links in the “Statistics” bar below, it’s because at one point, so many links were being generated that GSA Search Engine Ranker froze for a moment and I had to restart.

A little more about the resources being utilized in the test:

Now that I had a “control group”, I had to compare these results to the ones produced by SEOSpartans‘ catch-all emails. Here’s what happened.

GSA SER SEOSpartans Catch-All Emails Test Results

Again, the configuration of the environment of the test was completely the same with the only difference being that I imported 1 fresh catch-all email into each of the tester projects instead of a Yahoo email.

I also deleted submitted and verified backlinks and got rid of the target URLs cache and history including accounts that were created by the previous test. So the tester projects were ready to roll a gain. Here are the results, starting with the VpM:

SEO Spartans GSA SER Test Results 60 Minutes VpM

The end VpM was a bit lower, but the submitted links were more than with the Yahoo emails test. If the test had run for a few more minutes, the projects would have probably automatically entered verification status and then the VpM would probably be just around the same.

And here is a breakdown of the backlinks created:

SEO Spartans GSA SER Test Results 60 Minutes Backlinks Breakdown

So, all is good with the catch-all emails by SEOSpartans. Another great thing about this is that there are those target sites which do not allow registration with common email service providers. That means, with the catch-all emails from SEOSpartans, you will get some extra verified URLs that your projects probably failed before due to the use of common email accounts.

And that’s basically it for this SEOSpartans case study.

SEOSpartans Honest Review

As usual, I will give my honest opinion on the manner. SEOSpartans is really a fantastic way to solve the GSA SER emails problem and I have just switched to it as well as I rewrote the code of our GSA SER projects generator that will now add the catch-all emails from SEOSpartans to each new project we create.

And you don’t even have to be an extensive GSA Search Engine Ranker user in order to take advantage of SEOSpartans. They have packages that can fit the needs of all GSA SER users – beginners, intermediate, and advanced:

  • Bronze – 1 unique catch-all email at $6.5 per month.
  • Silver – 3 unique catch-all emails at $15 per month.
  • Gold – 5 unique catch-all emails at $21 per month.
  • Master – 10 unique catch-all emails at $35 per month.

All emails have an inbox space of 300 MB and can be set up easily to auto-delete messages older than the days you desire. You are also allowed the same number of swaps per month if you feel like you need to refresh your projects with new catch-all emails.

The “Bronze” package also has a free trial, so you can test the GSA SER catch-all emails of SEOSpartans beforehand. Once you select your plan, you will login to the members area where all you will have to do is copy and paste the ready-made catch-all emails into your GSA SER projects. Simple as that.

John was kind enough to provide me with a special discount code that will give anyone a full free month of use of SEOSpartans on all plans but the “Master”. To take advantage of it, you can use the coupon “1MOFF” when you order your catch-all emails by SEOSpartans.


Bottom line is, the catch-all emails by SEOSpartans can save any GSA SER user a few bucks from on monthly email account costs – I know they have already done this for me, so I’m pretty certain they can do the same for you.

Just on a side note here, I want to mention that I had previously tried the catch-all emails approach with Gmail accounts, but it failed miserably as Gmail instantly picked up on what I was doing and suspended the accounts. So for anyone thinking about doing this catch-all thing with a common email service provider, you might be looking at a dead end.

I have already been using the catch-all emails by SEOSpartans for a couple of days and have seen zero problems with them. I will update this post if anything comes up, but so far, everything is working just perfectly fine.